The mysterious Swimming Hole in Texas has deep dark secrets in its depths


As swimming holes in the US go, nothing compares to Jacobs Well, located in Wimberley, Texas. This could well qualify as one of the world’s most dangerous places and to dive into this is a true leap of death. Despite of claiming the lives of 8 divers, this is one spot that still attracts thrill seekers, including children and is one of the most popular spots for leisure and diving.

Jacobs Well is stunning as a mysterious swimming hole in Texas. It’s an amazing spot, no doubt, but to leap into it, is one death-defying act, all because it takes one down into an abyss and into one of Texas’ largest underwater cave systems.

1 A Never Ending Abyss Once Considered Sacred By Native Indians

The uncanny fact about the sink hole is that gallons of water surge to the brim,feeding the picturesque and little cypress creek a prime spot for picnics and thrill seekers. The well is actually a huge and permanent artesian well feeding the creek. From above, it looks like a never ending abyss.

The never ending Chasm was first discovered in 1850 and was a meeting ground for native American Indians at one time. Today it is a center of recreation because for those not diving into it; the well is a great natural pool to swim and is enjoyed by the entire local population.

never ending Chasm

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2 Depths of the Well Open into Unexplored Underwater Caverns

The mouth of the mysterious swimming hole in Texas is four meters in width and it is ten meters deep. At the bottom it opens up into one of the most amazing cave systems, which features a depth of forty meters and is the largest and most intricate cave system in Texas. Although,authorities have tried their best to make the swimming hole off limits to scuba divers who enter the cave system, it doesn’t deter anyone. In fact, the swimming hole is one of the most popular scuba diving spots in Texas, even though it is extremely dangerous, where eight men have died till date.

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The main danger in scuba diving into the cave systems deep down in Jacobs Well is the inability to navigate unexplored caves, which may be filled with sediment. This causes divers to lose their way, disoriented and deprived of oxygen,they die.

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3 Divers can experience Disorientation in the depths

The inner depth of Jacobs Well is so dangerous that even experienced divers have succumbed within it, all because of the presence of Nitrogen narcosis that disorients a person’s mind, below depth of 100 feet. Over the years, cleanup operations have yielded abandoned diving equipment and even human skulls. Don Dibble, the owner of a scuba diving shop had almost lost his life trying to find the remains of two divers who had died in the depths of the well. Dibble survived, but not until he had ruptured his stomach due to his hurried ascent because of an empty oxygen tank.

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The mysterious swimming hole in Texas has always been a mystery to scientists, due to its strange geographical features. Many people also consider it as a sacred ground.The surrounding area of Jacobs Well has also been developed into a natural reserve, in an attempt to make the well a Texan landmark and one of its most popular attractions.

Divers in Jacobs Well

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