The mysterious Swimming Hole in Texas has deep dark secrets in its depths

As swimming holes in the US go, nothing compares to Jacobs Well, located in Wimberley, Texas. This could well qualify as one of the world’s most dangerous places and to dive into this is a true leap of death. Despite of claiming the lives of 8 divers, this is one spot that still attracts thrill seekers, including children and is one of the most popular spots for leisure and diving.

Jacobs Well is stunning as a mysterious swimming hole in Texas. It’s an amazing spot, no doubt, but to leap into it, is one death-defying act, all because it takes one down into an abyss and into one of Texas’ largest underwater cave systems.

1 A Never Ending Abyss Once Considered Sacred By Native Indians

The uncanny fact about the sink hole is that gallons of water surge to the brim,feeding the picturesque and little cypress creek a prime spot for picnics and thrill seekers. The well is actually a huge and permanent artesian well feeding the creek. From above, it looks like a never ending abyss.

The never ending Chasm was first discovered in 1850 and was a meeting ground for native American Indians at one time. Today it is a center of recreation because for those not diving into it; the well is a great natural pool to swim and is enjoyed by the entire local population.

never ending Chasm

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