Know how this man travelled the world without quitting his job

Traveling anywhere takes a lot of time and planning and of course money. People save their whole lives in order to visit just one foreign country, for that experience of seeing different cultures and store memories.


But one guy here managed to travel all the countries before he turned 40 and he did this without quitting his job or any unpaid leave. Attribute this to his brilliant planning and budgeting and using all the charm that he could. He did this as a hobby and has also written a book about his experiences.

Here is his story and how he managed to travel the whole world.


1 Who is Gunnar Garfos and what he did?

Gunnar Garfos is a Norway resident who managed to travel all the 198 countries in the world by the age of 37. By doing so, he clinched the title of the youngest hobby traveller in the world who has visited all 198 countries.

He also recently released a book called 198: How I Ran Out Of Countries, which chronicles his epic journey and is filled with pictures from his experience.

Since returning, he has created a book about his incredible adventures and released some of the pictures from his epic journey.

Who is Gunnar Garfos and what he did?

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2 Some backstory of this explorer

In 2008, he had managed to visit 85 countries. The first country he visited was Greece and since then he was hooked onto the travelling part. When he turned 17 he started travelling without his family, and used Inter rail with a friend to visit 13 countries in Europe.

Some backstory of this explorer

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3 How did he manage to do this?

Gunnar said that they have five weeks of paid holiday plus approximately two weeks of national holidays, I have travelled on every occasion, almost every holiday and day off and many weekends.”

He also planned way ahead in order to save money. He said that he used sites such a couch surfing and hospitality club in order to hook up with people in different countries where he could get a place to sleep for free. He said that planning was the main part of it as the feat consisted of literally hundreds of trips and 3-4000 flights.

He also said that he showed that you do not have to quit your job and then start to travel the world the world in order to experience the world.

How did he manage to do this

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4 His advice to others

His advice to other people who might have been inspired by his feat is that on needs to plan before embarking on a trip, but still be ready to be flexible to allow some room for changes.

Use ferries, local transport, low cost airlines with tickets booked in advance, even hitch hike to reach your destination. One most important advice form him is to travel light. He says pack sensibly and carry some washing powder to save money on laundry.

Use rental cars as main mode of transport

His advice to others

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5 Some records he made during this and some other trips of his

Last year,Gunnar and his two friends Tay-young Pak and Oyvind Djupvik managed to visit 19 European countries in a single day surpassing the previous record of 18 countries.

They managed to travel through countries like Bulgaria, Macedonia, Kosovo, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Slovenia, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France and Switzerland, and ended in Liechtenstein just 20 minutes before the 24-hour period was up.


The previous record holders were Essex-based financial consultant Phil Billingham and friends Shannon Currie, Duncan MacKenzie and Gerry Mulligan.

Some records he made during this and some other trips of his

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Gunnar Garfors and Adrian Butter worth also became the first persons to visit all the 5 continents in a single day, by stopping off in Asia, Europe, Africa, North America, and South America. They planned the trip for two years and travelled for 28 hours and 25 minutes – however, due to the different time zones, they landed in each continent in the same calendar day.


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