Just an amazing walk around the World


Daily walking can reduce elevated cholesterol levels and blood pressure and improve digestion, while for others walking can be a social activity and a chance to meet friends with similar interests and spend an enjoyable time while exercising. Some people take their doctor’s advice about taking a walk daily. This is what happens when you take a walk around the world.

1 The Berlin Wall, Germany

This memorial is an excellent opportunity to see the section of the Berlin Wall that is still standing and to wander around the death strip, the grassy no-man’s-land that separated the inner wall on the east side from the larger outer wall on the west. It’s a fascinating trip through modern European history, with all the memorials for those who died trying to climb over the wall, reminding tourists of the dark history of the place and how politics can divide a nation, and even a family.

The Berlin Wall, Germany

Image Source: www.washingtonpost.com


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