16 Incredible Travel Destinations To Quench your Wanderlust

When you hear the word ‘travel’ you may think of a business trip or the most obvious answer ‘the beach’ but you shouldn’t let these two places hold you back from experiencing this incredible world. There are several places on our planet that you can visit and have the experience of a lifetime.


There are places where you can surf man-made waves, swim in bioluminescent waters or crystal clear water. You can live in beautiful tree houses surrounded by nature or just visit a forest that erupts with beautiful fireflies at night. Make your next trip experience and not just a fun getaway.

1The Bioluminescent Bay

Have you ever wanted to swim in luminescent waters? Waters that glow beautifully while you take a nice long swim? Well, thanks to the Bioluminescent Bay found on the South Arm Peninsula of Tasmania, you can do this on your next trip. The water is not just for swimming but is also any photographer’s delight as they can take some really stunning shots here.


Image Source: net.au

2A magnificent flower park

The Ashikaga Flower Park in Japan is an experience that cannot be put into words. The park is divided into 8 seasons with different flowers showing their different stage during each season. This is by far the most beautiful flower park in the world with several hundred flowers on display in a wide open space. It is really beautiful for couples.


Image Source: ifengimg.com

3Climbing the tallest trees in the world

If you’re the climbing type then you should head down to Santa Cruz, in Northern California to climb the redwood or sequoia trees. The trees here are magnificent in not just their looks but their height as well. Every year a large number of thrill seekers come by to climb these beautiful and mammoth trees. You’ll feel like you’re living in a giant’s world when you get here.


Image Source: gearjunkie.com

4Skating on an ancient sacred lake

Lake Baikal is a rift lake in Russia, which is the largest freshwater lake by volume in the world. It also happens to be the world’s clearest lake and also considered as the world’s oldest lake as it dates back 25–30 million years ago. Currently, it is the seventh largest lake in the world by surface area and when the water freezes over during winter it becomes a beautiful tourist attraction.


Image Source: instagram.com


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