16 Incredible Facts You Did Not Know About Scotland

13All about lochs

The Loch Ness is the second deepest loch in Scotland. The first and deepest is Loch Morar, which is about 1017 ft deep. It is also the deepest freshwater body in the British Isles. The loch was created about 10,000 years ago by glacial actions. There are no reports of any water monsters in Loch Morar.

All about lochs

Image Source: www.historic-uk.com

14The longest echo

The Hamilton Mausoleum in Hamilton, South Lanarkshire is the final resting place of the entire family of the Dukes of Hamilton. This beautiful and ancient structure isn’t just known for this reason. The Mausoleum also boasts the longest echo of any man-made structure. An echo here lasts about 15 seconds!

The longest echo

Image Source: www.visithamilton.co.uk

15Golf and football

In 1872, the first international game of soccer was played between Scotland and England. The result was a draw with no goals scored. On the island of Fife, the St. Andrews Links golf course is located. It is known as the “Home of Golf”. Golf has been played there since the 15th century.

Golf and football

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16The highest mountain

The Scottish Highlands are home to the highest mountain in the British Isles. The Ben Nevis Mountain is 4411 feet above sea level. The summit of the mountain is actually the collapsed dome of an ancient volcano. The top also houses the remains of an observatory which was functional between 1883 and 1904.

The highest mountain

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