Historical places to visit in the United States

Here are some of the oldest cities in the United States that offer every history buff an accurate view of our nations history. Visit locations where well-known politicians resided or famous scientists lived. See the old South where refined plantations still stand despite the passage of time their towering structures a constant reminder of the trials and tribulations many Americans went through. Visit Ellis Island and witness what many had seen for the first time as they crossed the chilly waters into American land hoping for a new future for the family.


1 New York City

Discovered in 1631 and considered one of the oldest cities in the United States New York city has become a beacon of hope for many who were traveling here from other countries to start a new life. Many would see the towering Statue of Liberty inspired to start their new life here. The birthplace of our current public school system and home to Harvard and the battlegrounds for the American Revolution the Big Apple offers something for everyone. The pulse of America’s financial and fashion world thrive through this festive city that never sleeps.

New York City

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2 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The place where it all began for the United States that we know today also known as the city of brotherly love should be on every American and world traveler’s list. Travel through the old downtown and the cobblestone streets that our founding fathers traversed on hundreds of years ago. Visit the world famous home belonging to Betsy Ross. There are countless historical museums including The Constitution Center, The Art Museum, and The Franklin Institute. Both young and older visitors alike will love the time spent here. The city has a lively night life as well with hundreds of clubs peppered throughout the downtown region of the city.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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3 Savannah, Georgia

With its impressive old style Southern homes and tree-lined streets Savannah; Georgia is one of the few Southern cities that was spared from the tragic destruction of the civil war. Traverse through the Southern city and explore the plantations once owned by well-known members of the elite Southern society. Lose yourself as you visit the different locations and imagine yourself going back in time to one of the most historical periods in our countries history.

Savannah, Georgia

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4 Charleston, South Carolina

Another Southern iconic city Charleston, South Carolina played a major role in the civil war. It is here that the first shots were fired at Fort Sumter. There are many historical buildings which once were plantations that have been wonderfully preserved. As you go on your tour through this city feel yourself go back in town as you get an accurate view of what the real South was like in the days before the civil war.

Charleston, South Carolina

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5 Washington, DC

A combination of Southern living with a fast paced lifestyle of the East Coast Washington, DC has many fascinating locations for any avid history buff. Visit the Smithsonian Museum and the towering monuments that make this political hub the city it is today. Totally rebuilt after the war of 1812 this incredible city has much to offer tourists with its rich background.

Washington, DC

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