Frolic away at these private Islands without disrupting your bank balance


Life is all about enjoying and having oodles of fun. When life throws a pile of work at you and you are all messed up with stress, the idea of a long vacation immediately gets you high. However, budgetary concerns might just be pulling you back from taking that much needed break. Remember, life is too short to create a drama each time you are stressed. Seize the day, plan a long vacation and frolic in style. Private islands are your best resorts in case you are looking for privacy and fun on an unlimited scale. These top private islands offer merriment, luxury and awesome appeal—all this at no excess of costs.

1 Palau Island

The island is part of an oceanic ridge located on the westernmost part of the North Pacific Ocean. A frequently visited spot for camping enthusiasts, this hub also offers luxury bungalows that are hardly pricey. The spot is isolated and offers amazing scenes. There is not much sightseeing in the typical sense of the term but there sure is a lot of scenery to soak in. Go bikini bathing, photo shooting, fishing and even grilling your fresh catch.

Palau Island

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There is not dearth of activities in Palau Island. The average cost to spend a day at this pick among private islands is between 200-350 dollars.

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