Extremely bizarre parks you should visit once in your lifetime

There will always be a place wherein it will make you feel at ease and one known place is none other than the park. A park is an open space which provides many different purposes for individuals. It may serve as a place to have a date, for you to enjoy time with your friends, or a place for you to be alone by yourself. Honestly, many people enjoy walking in the park and spending their time there maybe because it is a place really meant for stress- relieving that is perfect for people having busy days due to their works and such. Parks are a place of fun, amusement, and entertainment. And would you feel those things more when the kind of park you will step into is somewhat a place you have never imagined would exist.


1 Diggerland, England

A construction site is a very dangerous place for you to be but there are still some people that would jump into places like that to try it out. So what if a park makes use of construction site machines to have people experience joy rides. Is this not amazing? You have probably imagined yourself riding in the arm of a digger when you were still a child or perhaps even now? Don’t worry! Your fantasy can now turn into reality by going to Diggerland in England wherein they offer different rides with construction machineries. How extreme can that be?

Diggerland, England

Image Source: www.pontefractandcastleford.co.uk


2 Crocosaurus Cove

Given the name, ‘Cage of death’ which really does suit it, this park is a heart- shocking dangerous place that are meant for those people who are thrill- seekers. Bored of ordinary and common parks? Why not try going in the Crocosaurus Cover wherein one can have an up close meeting with crocodiles. That’s right! Those wide jaws, large teeth reptiles will be accompanying you in your stay there as you stay behind an acrylic barrier which will then submerged into the saltwater crocodile tank. Haven’t had enough? No worries! There are a lot more to enjoy inside this park that you would never experience and happen in your life.

Crocosaurus Cove

Image Source: www.files.wordpress.com


3 Dickens World, England

We can say that the place we live in right now is modernized by development of different machines and gadgets to our society. But do you want to try living in the 19th century for once? If so, try this Dicken World amusement park that would introduce you to a world full of criminals, hunger, improper waste management and filthy streets that dated way back. And perhaps after the walk through in that park, you would now understand and be grateful to have lived in a place more comforting that what is there.

Dickens World, England

Image Source: www.literarytraveler.net


4 Bon Bon Land, Denmark

Have you ever gone into a park that is full of ridiculous gags you have ever seen? Well, if not, you are welcome to try Bon Bon Land where you can experience a disgusting animal theme like that of vomiting rats, urinating ants and even lactating cows. But having said that, all the rides available in this park is all family- friendly and would make a child want to wander around here.

Bon Bon Land, Denmark

Image Source: www.akademifantasia.org


5 Parque Jaime Duque, Bogota, Colombia

Constructed by the Colombian aviation innovator, Jaime Duque Grisales, this park contains about 30 head scratching fascinating things. It has a sculptured garden that showcases 700 uncanny statues that even includes the miniaturized seven wonders of the ancient world. It also includes a giant hand of God that holds a sphere, and even a ride of Dante’s inferno boat. If you love seeing bizarre things then don’t hesitate to visit here.

Parque Jaime Duque, Bogota, Colombia

Image Source: www.coopsifront.imeikop.co


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