Did You Know These Things About the Great Wall of China?

3 The Wall had many names


Over the years the Wall has had names such as “barrier”, “rampant”, or “fortress” to much more poetic names like “Purple Frontier” or “Earth Dragon”. It was not until the end of the 19th century when it got the official name “The Great Wall of China”.

The Wall had many names

Image Source: www.famouswonders.com

4 Most of the world didn’t know about the Wall for a long time

Although the Wall has been around for more than two millenniums, it was unknown to the rest of the world. The First European who set foot on the Wall, is supposed to be a Portuguese explorer named Bento de Gois in 1605.

Most of the world didn't know about the Wall for a long time

Image Source: www.upload.wikimedia.org


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