Did You Know These Things About the Great Wall of China?

The wall was built for centuries by human hands, and there are probably a few people who have never heard of it. The Great Wall of China is extremely long and according to the popular belief visible from the Moon, but besides these facts, what else do we know about this world wonder.

1 Its length

People usually think the length of the Wall is about 3900 miles (6276.442 km) but in fact, the entire thing is 5500 miles (8851.392 km) long. 3900 miles(6276.442 km) is the length of the actual wall but you have to add the length of the trenches and natural barriers that are also part of the complex. So if you try to walk down the wall, it would probably take you months to come to the end.

Its length

Image Source: www.shedexpedition.com

2 How long it was built

The construction of the Wall took over 2 thousands years. The very first parts of the Wall were built as early as in the 8th century BC. Two whole millenniums, can you believe it?

How long it was built

Image Source: www.crystalinks.com

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