15 Most Common Mistakes Every Tourist Makes On A Trip To The United Kingdom

If you love travelling, United Kingdom must be on your list of countries to visit as it is the eighth most visited country on the Earth while London secures the second spot when it comes to the most visited city of the world. If the UK is the next place on your ‘must visit’ list, make sure you’re prepared for your travel there. You can always look at things like a luggage sale to get high quality luggage for cheaper, so when you’re fully ready for your journey you will have everything you could possibly need packed away. The UK is rich in culture and history and offers a lot to the tourists to explore; even the food is delicious with a wide variety of dishes. A lot of people use travelling as a form of educating themselves. For example, some people go on things like this Cultural Care Au Pair. You could easily do something like that in the UK. However, you might find that you prefer just going and being a tourist and doing things at your own pace.


However many tourists, especially Americans, tend to make some mistakes while visiting the UK as there is a lot of difference in the cultures and lifestyle of both the countries. We have listed 15 such mistakes made by the tourists and we are quite hopeful that they will be helpful for all those who are visiting the UK in future:

1 Not just London, there are more places to visit

For most of the tourists, London is the only place to visit in the United Kingdom; however in reality, the country has a good number of nice places. There is a lot for travelers to explore and as per their choice and interest, they can select from rich cultural heritage to beautiful natural surroundings. Research properly before planning a vacation to the UK so that you don’t get stuck in London only and make the most of your trip by visiting other remarkable places too.

Places to visit in london

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2Not every place looks like this

If you think that every place in the United Kingdom will be as scenic and peaceful like this, you are highly mistaken. The country is not just about the skyscrapers or calm looking surroundings; there are some underdeveloped parts too which might make you think that they are not even a part of the UK but they do exist. Every country has a scope of improvement, so does this.

Scenic United Kingdom

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3Ignoring the attractions which are free

There are many museums and galleries here which offer entry for free or at a very low price and these attractions are just perfect if you want to know about the country. In London only, you can visit these sites for free – Tate Modern, National Gallery, National Maritime Museum in Greenwich and The British Museum that is definitely one of the best museums of the world.

Free Attraction in UK

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4It’s not just about England

While taking a tour to this country, a number of people tend to think that it is all about England and they plan their trips accordingly. Nevertheless, the United Kingdom consists of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, which means that the tourists can travel various places other than England.

Scotland road

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5Unnecessarily paying too much for fish and chips

You just can’t afford to give a miss to this hot dish of English origin – fish and chips. The natives call fries as chips and having it over there has its own significance as it is a traditional English dish. But as a tourist, you may not be sure of how much is reasonable to pay for this dish. The maximum that you should pay for it is £5, try not to buy it at a tourist spot as there it may cost you around £10.

Unnecessarily paying too much for fish and chips

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6The red coloured phone booths

Red colored phone booths have been an integral part of lives of British people but with mobile phones becoming the preferred way to communicate, these booths are of no use now. As they are a part of British culture, some of them are even protected by law. So if you spot any, get clicked with it but don’t enter inside with a hope to use them as they are not in the working condition.

The red coloured phone booths

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7Eye contacts at train

Once you land in the UK, you will find that British people are very friendly but while travelling in public transport such as in buses or tubes, avoid making eye contact or staring at them. They are mostly busy with newspaper, mobiles or books while travelling and don’t like to make eye-contacts.

Eye contacts at train

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8Taking a ride in black cabs

Many tourists prefer to travel in London using black cabs which may charge a hefty amount in comparison to the tube or underground. Most of the tourists find it difficult to understand route map of underground but with a little bit of study, a lot of money can be saved if they prefer to travel in tube. However, black cabs are good whenever you are travelling late night.

Black cabs in UK

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9Avoid public transportation in peak hours

While it is advisable to take public transport such as tube for travelling within the city, tourists should avoid using them during the peak hours. There will be long lines and you may need to wait for the tube. As you are a tourist there, each minute is precious and you don’t have time to waste so avoid being stuck in such situations.

Avoid public transportation in peak hours

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10Ground floor and First floor

The street level floor in the UK is called the ground floor while one level-up floor is called the First floor. Word “basement” is not used in the country as people call it garden-level or underground. This is important for everyone to know and will help tourists while visiting any building or hotel.

Ground floor and First floor

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11Calling chips as crisps and not chips

British people are very serious about their chips which they call crisps. They do not have a packet of chips and rather they eat crisps in different flavors, such as English Mustard, Roast Ham, Cranberry, Worcester Sauce and Sunday Roast. If you are in the UK and want to enjoy it, ask for crisps and not chips.

Calling chips as crisps

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12Shopping on Oxford Street

Oxford Street can easily be termed as the main shopping street in London as every year, nearly 200 million people visit the place where more than 300 big name brand stores are situated. It may be a lifetime experience to visit Oxford Street but local people feel that the shops here are over-priced while shopping at smaller streets can be less costly and give a better experience.

Shopping on Oxford Street

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13Buckingham Palace

Visiting Buckingham Palace has to be in your list of attractions if you are visiting London but let us make it clear that getting entry over there is not as easy as it may appear to be in movies or TV shows. The common public is allowed entrance for only two months of the year – August and September. Please keep in mind that even at that time, you won’t be allowed to enter the Queen’s bedroom.

Visiting Buckingham Palace

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14Leaving your free breakfast

If you make accommodation bookings at B&B, make sure that you don’t miss breakfast as there are good chances of you being served with a “Full English” breakfast. Even if you are staying in a hotel, do enquire about breakfast servings and charges and if they are not charging much for it, make a point to fill your stomach. The English breakfast is a heavy one and you won’t feel hungry in daytime while enjoying your trip.

Leaving your free breakfast

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15Keep spare time for travelling between airports

London has six airports and if you have to travel between airports, make sure that you have some spare time as traffic around the airports is heavy most of the time. You just can’t afford to miss a flight as it will increase your travelling expenses to a good extent.

London airport

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