9 Beautiful roads to drive your heart out in the world

Everyone has a dream of roaming around the world and visits every beautiful location that is shown in movies and TV shows. For people who love to drive, this dream of visiting such places has the extra incentive of exploring them at their own time and choice using cars. We have 9 such beautiful and scenic roads that every driving enthusiast should drive on once in their lifetime.

1 Atlantic Ocean Road, Norway

Atlantic Ocean Road is a 5.2 mile long section of County Road 64 that passes by Hustadvika, a part of Norwegian Sea. The road was opened in 1989 and has become one of the most scenic routes to travel across the county. You might also see seals and whales enjoying in their natural habitat in the sea along with lush green mountains overlooking you.

Atlantic Ocean Road, Norway

Image Source: www.radikal.ru


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