10 of the Largest and most amazing Aquariums in the world that are Ecosystems of their own

How many of us have loved keeping fish while young. How many of us simply fell in love with ‘Finding Nemo”. Fans were no less delighted when a second film was made titled “Finding Dory”. But as Aquariums go, there is no limit to making them as attractive as possible although the special requirements for maintenance is can be quite daunting.

If you are truly interested in the marine world and would love the experience of being underwater without having to get wet, then these 10 spectacular and largest aquariums in the world will definitely amaze you.

1 (AOWA), Perth, Australia

The Aquarium of Western Australia or AOWA has the largest tank in the world containing 8, 00,000 gallons of water. AOWA’s main attraction is its variety of coastal creatures such as crocodiles, whale sharks, black tip sharks and stingrays. What’s great about AOWA is that diving enthusiasts can explore the aquarium interior with a dive guide.

AOWA), Perth, Australia

Image Source: www.mediacentrum.sk


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