8 Abandoned and mysterious places around the world said to be haunted

There are several abandoned and mysterious places around the world. Some have declined to become abandoned cities and some hare now off limits by law. Take a look at some of these mystery places and watch the video below to know what makes them so mysterious and even haunted.


1 St Elmo Colorado 1880 Gold Mining Town Abandoned 1950

USA’s best preserved and well known ghost town, St Elmo was founded in 1880 and progressed into a gold mining city. The City’s decline began in 1920 with the railroad stopping its service leaving St Elmo abandoned in 1950. Many believe it to be haunted.

St Elmo Colorado 1880

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2 Oradour Sur Glane France

At one time this was a thriving and quaint little town in France till the German occupation ending its existence. 642 town residents were massacred by the German SS troops on 10th June 1944. Thereafter it was abandoned but never destroyed. The village remained standing as a testimony to atrocities of Nazi Germany and is now a tourist attraction. Locals however keep far from the area believing it to be extremely haunted.

Oradour Sur Glane France

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3 Sanszhi pod city Taiwan

Among abandoned and mysterious places, Sanszhi Pod city was an ambitious venture constructed in 1978 designed specifically for rich business men and US army officers. However it never got off to a good start because of financial issues and unexplained events such as suicides in the area. People thought it to be cursed and the area was abandoned to make way for a sea resort.

Sanszhi pod city Taiwan

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4 North Brother Island New York

Between 1830 to 1920 The riverside hospital existed on North brother Island as a containment center for infectious diseases like scarlet fever and typhus. During WWII it was used for war veterans and their families. In the seventies it was used as a rehab center for teenage drug addict patients but eventually shut down because of corruption and financial problems. It is now off limits to public and is a bird sanctuary.

North Brother Island New York

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5 Priyapat Ukraine

Priyapat in Northern Ukraine on the Belarus border is a ghost town close to Chernobyl Nuclear power plant. It was supposed to be Russia’s ninth nuclear city in 1979. The city was set up as an infrastructural service to Chernobyl. However after the tragedy of the Chernobyl leak. It was abandoned and evacuated in April 1986 a day after the infamous Chernobyl gas leak disaster. Many residents suffered due to the indecisiveness of authorities to evacuate immediately.

Priyapat Ukraine

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6 Bodie, California

Bodie is another famous Ghost town in Mono County California. Due to the gold boom. Bodie became a thriving gold mining city. Till the 1880 it thrived and economically progressed with financial banking companies and even a large Chinese population and a Chinatown. However after 1880 Bodie declined rapidly and became one of the most famous Wild West ghost towns. In 1961 it was declared a national state historic landmark.

Bodie, California

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7 Hashima Island Japan

Also known as battleship island, Hashima was a mining city purchased by Mitsubishi in 1890 which used several hundred slave workers from china who lived in putrid conditions. Forced labor during the Second World War gained a notorious reputation for Hashima. However Japans need for cleaner environments led to the abandonment of Hashima and the island was closed till 2009. Now of course it has opened to the public.

Hashima Island Japan

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8 Centralia, Pennsylvania

A borough of Columbia County, Centralia is regarded to be a haunted ghost town by many. Once a bustling town, a fire beneath the town in 1960 ravaged the entire area spreading underground and leading to sinkholes spewing gas all over roads in the town. The fire destroyed houses and till today they still simmer and burn. The town’s population reduced to just 10 people in 2010. The town has inspired the silent hill horror movie and video game.

Centralia, Pennsylvania

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You should watch this video of some amazing pictures of these abandoned and mysterious places around the world. The video will also give you a detailed explanation.


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