9 Weirdest ways to travel – Great information for travel lovers

There are many different ways to travel; some may be pretty traditional while some are different and much more exciting. What would be your travelling choice?


1 Titanic II to start journey in 2018

Titanic II is set to start journey on the same route as that of Titanic from England to New York in 2018.The Blue

Titanic II to start journey in 2018

Image Source: www.lancastria.net


2 Shortest Railway in the World

World’s shortest Railway is located in down town Los Angeles. It was started in 1901 but due to an accident it was closed and issues regarding the safety are being fulfilled but no timetable has been given when it will start.

Shortest Railway in the World

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3 Writers are encouraged to travel free in Railway

In America Amtrak has selected some writers to travel free in 2015 on a long distance route and will provide a separate cabin with a window to watch the American countryside, with all the writing facilities to inspire for creative writing.

Writers are encouraged to travel free in Railway

Image Source: www.akamaihd.net


4 Airship, zeppelin to come back by mid 2015

The Aeroscraft designed with aid from U.S. Government for carrying cargo. It consumes one third of fuel and can take off and land vertically making it versatile for any terrain.

Airship, zeppelin to come back by mid 2015

Image Source: www.dailymail.co.uk


5 Make it your Hippy Home

Green Tortoise, a bus company based in San Francisco, loves to offer its services for the people who are willing to sacrifice their privacy for a memorable experience since last 30 years. Till today it has got 15,000 happy-hippy customers. The buses are modified in order to allow the passengers not only sleeping together but also cooking together. The passengers feel like home. They feel that the incursion on privacy if worth the sacrifice.

Make it your Hippy Home

Image Source: www.oddee.com


6 Become an astronaut

Space tourism is not a topic of science fiction anymore. In fact, American Businessman Denis Tito has already become a space tourist in 2001. Later the strength was increased at International Space Station leaving no room for tourists, though some companies have began their quest to let the human go from captivity of earth. Some promise four rounds of the world. Some takes their customers at 10,000 in a capsule. While Virgin Galactic made a failure in year 2014, some companies are moving forward with their idea. The Mars One Project acquires no money from the participants but it requires the participants to make mars their new habituated home.

Become an astronaut

Image Source :: www.scmp.com


7 Live the Nostalgia

Do you feel that the golden era of aviation was 1970s? Then you must try the Hollywood version. Hollywood has recreated 1970s Pan Am experience. Who wants a destination to travel? Here, you will be served cocktails in the classic Pan Am style for $297. The air hostesses dress up in the classic 1970s Pan Am uniform. They’ll even ask you to dress up appropriately for flying as they used to do in 70s.

Live the Nostalgia

Image Source: www.cdn.evbuc.com


8 Live show in the subway

While Subway travel is nothing special or unusual for people living in metropolitans, the subway dance performances certainly are. For locals it’s a pain in head while it’s widely appreciated by the tourists. Despite that, the NYC Police have no intention to let it continue as the dance performances are allowed as per the federal law.

Live show in the subway

Image Source: www.oddee.com

9 From China with love

China is planning to connect ‘China-Russia-Canada-America’ by railroad. A portion of the proposed railroad is underwater. The total journey length is around 8,000 miles which is 1,800 miles more than Trans-Siberian railroad and four times of the English Channel. People may say anything but China is firm on its stand. China believes that she has the technology for the project and wants to take it on a higher scale.

From China with love

Image Source: www.b.examiner.com


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