8 Most breath-taking swimming pools around the globe

The most favoured places for vacation are tropical places in this world. That’s because they give us the freedom to enjoy nature at its very core best. And if you can get to observe nature from a big swimming pool, then nothing like it.


Since hotels and resorts know how to take care of their guests, they know that swimming pools are one of the most essential things that tourists look for when they search a place for vacation. This is where Pool Service Bakersfield comes into the mix. There’s not much point having a lovely swimming pool if it’s not clean or well-maintained, this is always something to look out for. You’ll also find that hotels design pools in forms of waterfalls or beaches in order to provide maximum comfort and attraction to their guests, since there is nothing as refreshing as a good swim.

Many swimming pools around the world have colored lighting inside the water or underwater music systems. Even people have built such awesome pools in their backyards. And if you are also looking to do the same, here are 8 examples of awesome swimming pools from around the world to choose from.


1 Marina Bay Sands Resort Infinity Pool

The Marina Bay Sands Resort has been called the most spectacular hotel in Singapore and it has even received endorsement from one of it’s celebrity guests, David Beckham. The main attraction of the resort is its swimming pool which gives the illusion that the pool in never-ending.

It provides a full view of the city of Singapore and also has comfortable and relaxing places to take a break from swimming.

Marina Bay Sands Resort Infinity Pool

Image Source: www.lensofarts.com

2 Hanging Gardens Ubud Hotel Luxury Pool

This pool at the Hanging Gardens Hotel in Bali is designed to appear as stretching till infinity. Also the nature and trees surround the pool give it an all natural feeling.


The pool has many mini cabanas for you to unwind while taking a relaxing swim in the pool. The hotel also has many sea view rooms and villas for you to stay and spa treatments to remove every bit of tension from your system.

Hanging Gardens Ubud Hotel Luxury Pool

Image Source: www.examsuites.com


3 St. Regis Gold Energy Pool

As the name suggests, the pool at the St. Regis hotel in Lhasa, Tibet is of golden color. To keep you comfortable in the water, the temperature of the water is always kept between 28-32 degrees C.

To make the pool experience even more joyful, you can indulge in many traditional drinks and cuisine on the side. The pool contains salt water which is known for its regenerative properties.

St. Regis Gold Energy Pool

Image Source: www.businessinsider.com

4 Chongwe River House Pool

Located in Zambia, Africa, the Chongwe River house pool takes you as close to the wildlife as possible with its wooden and wicker design.The hotel also offers a Safari to their guests in order to view and experience all the wild animals in their full glory in Africa and it gives you a four room house to stay in along with the pool.

Chongwe River House Pool

Image Source: www.lomasenlaweb.com

5 The Cambrian Pool

The Cambrian Pool is located in Switzerland and is one of the most beautiful places to spend the winters. The ice blue colored water and the snow-capped mountains provide the most re-energizing environments possible.


The pool also provides therapeutic and relaxing spa treatments. But if you ever want to relax indoors, don’t worry, the Cambrian also has a heated indoor swimming pool.

The Cambrian Pool

Image Source: www.bstatic.com

6 Sanctuary Swala Pool

The pool is situated at the Tarangire National Park in Tanzania. What makes it special is that it is located near a watering hole where animals like antelopes, deer and elephants regularly visit to quench their thirst.


The hotel offers Safari rides which lets you see animals eating, playing and living their lives in the wild in their natural habitats. The hotel also allows guests to enjoy picnic on the resort grounds or the pool and even participate in a beekeeping program, to get more info about these very important little friends of ours.

Sanctuary Swala Pool

Image Source: www.zgubilitic.ro

7 The Library Pool

The library Pool located in Koi Samui, Thailand has shades of deep red and orange thanks to the mosaic of pool tiles in it. This gives the water a very soothing and attractive color.


The pool is very near to the shore and you can enjoy a dip in both bodies of water or relax on the pool side under the big red umbrellas. Well you can also visit the actual library and get books to read or visit the photo gallery on the hotel premises. Perhaps those looking to find their own piece of Koh Samui Land for Sale on which to build a stunning residence could also consider building their own swimming pool to rival even the library pool.

The Library Pool

Image Source: www.homesandhues.com

8 San Alfonso Del Mar Pool

San Alfonso Del Mar Pool is the largest pool in the world, and is 0.62 miles long and spans 20 acres. The pool also holds 66 million gallons of water, seawater, so you’ll feel just like you’re in the ocean.


Located in Algarrobo, Chile, you would definitely want to visit the pool for a swim or two with your family and friends. The pool also has a large shaded pavilion for you to relax from the sun’s rays and enjoy the delicacies on offer by the hotel and just gaze at the marvelous body of water.

San Alfonso Del Mar Pool

Image Source: www.magazinespain.com


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