8 Awesome and amazing underwater hotels

When you dine at an underwater hotel, you feel that you yourself are Ariel or King Triton or Aqua man for a second. And you can see all the flora and fauna in its glory underwater, fishes, crabs and plants, everything.


It is a combination of amazement, adventure and fun when you get to explore an underwater hotel and we have 8 of the best hotels from you to choose from on your next trip to any of these places.

1 Atlantis

The Atlantis is located in Dubai and is named after the mythical drowned city. You can easily relax as your kids run around seeing various marine animals in their natural habitat. You only have to open your curtains in order to meet nature in all of its glory.


Another Atlantis is located in the Bahamas which is as famous as this one in Dubai.


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2 Jules Undersea Lodge

Those who are thrilled with more adventure should explore the Jules undersea Lodge off the coast of Key Largo, Florida.

Named after Jules Verne, author of 20,000 Leagues under the Sea, the lodge requires visitors to take a crash course in scuba diving as the entrance is 21 feet into the water. The hotel is one of the oldest underwater hotels and many stars have stayed in the hotel.

Jules Undersea Lodge

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3 The Utter Inn

Artist Mikael Genberg opened up the Utter inn, a one bedroom inn that lets the visitors sleep peacefully under the waters of Lake Malaren.


The room looks like a buoy from above water. But the interiors are quite comfortable and give a unique one to one interaction with marine animals.

The Utter Inn

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4 Conrad Maldives Rangali Resort

Conrad Maldives Rangali Resort is the destination for the people who tend to be non-risk taking group. The hotel located in Maldives isn’t actually underwater hence you are safe from being in water, if you have anxiety issues.

The thing worth about the hotel is the underwater dining room that lets you dine with fishes and other animals floating above your heads.

Conrad Maldives Rangali Resort

Image Source: www.englishdom.com

5 Hydropolis

Another hotel from Dubai is the Hydropolis which gives a modern experience. The hotel is still under construction, is said to be fitted with all the modern amenities with the underwater experience.


The booking and reservations have already begun due to the hype of it being original and new that you would have to give your arm and leg to enter the hotel to experience a once in a lifetime feeling underwater.


Image Source: www.yachtcrew.lu

6 Subsix at Niyama

Subsix is a club under the Indian Ocean. You can drink and dance at the underwater club and not be worried about anything. It is an experience to dine and dance with fishes looking at you, which we hope that they are not judging you in any kind.

Subsix at Niyama

Image Source: www.gastronomieguide.de

7 Poseidon Undersea Resort

The Poseidon Undersea Resort is situated at Fiji and is a cool place to have a wedding if you are thinking something unique. Since it has an underwater chapel with a coral garden for a background, the idea doesn’t sound too bad.

The resort also gives you the option of exploratory scuba and submarine tours, spa packages for relaxation. Hence it is the best place to spend a vacation because it has everything to offer to everyone. So no matter what you want out of your vacation.

Poseidon Undersea Resort

Image Source: www.i-decoracion.com

8 Lovers Deep

Lovers Deep is the most unique hotel on the list, since it is actually not a hotel, but a submarine. Yes you heard it correct, it is a submarine and when you choose it, you also get to select the option of your vacation spot I the Caribbean.

As the name suggests, the destination is for romantic gateways and despite being a submarine, the hotels are decked out for you in premium style. It is one of the best and most solitary places to spend some quality and lovable time with your loved one.

Lovers Deep

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