30 Fascinating Things Considered Attractive in Countries Worldwide

What is the definition of beauty? What can be regarded as beautiful in the eyes of the beholder? Surprisingly, there are many bizarre standards of beauty and things that people in different parts of the world find attractive. When you think of something as fascinating, you might have to look at it twice because you’ll be surprised at how it can be beautiful in a unique way. Here are 30 fascinating things that are considered attractive in different countries, cultures, and people worldwide.

1 Unibrows – Tajikistan

Most places in the Western world would laugh at or at least stare at you if you walked around with a unibrow. But that’s not always the case. In Tajikistan, both men and women think that having a unibrow is a sign of beauty, so much so that a young girl will draw one on her face even if she doesn’t have one.

Unibrows - Tajikistan

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2 Enlarged earlobes – Africa

Most agree that pierced ears and beautiful jewellery make a woman attractive. But the Masai people wear heavy jewellery and use them to stretch out their earlobes on purpose over time. This is seen as a sign of status for the women of the tribe, so everyone looks at how long their ears are.

Enlarged earlobes - Africa

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3 Crooked teeth – Japan

Most of the time, if you live in the Western part of the world, you must have straight, white teeth. People who don’t have this feature often smile less because they don’t want to show the world that they don’t have it. But in Japan, they have a slightly different view of teeth. They think that crooked teeth make people look cuter. This perspective is becoming more appealing to people in the West as well.

Crooked teeth - Japan

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4 High forehead – Africa

Depending on your culture, many different parts of the body are seen as attractive. If you are from the Fula tribe in Africa, you may want to focus on your forehead. The Fula people consider having a high forehead extremely attractive. Many tribal women even cut off parts of their hair to make their foreheads look higher.

High forehead - Africa

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5 Facial and body scarification – West Africa

We know what you’re thinking: scars aren’t something most people think of as beautiful. That may be true in most places, but in New Guinea and some African tribes, they are a sign of beauty. When it comes to these tribes, these scarifications only make the women look more attractive. For men, the scars show that they are strong and ready to fight.

Scarring the body is one thing, but scarring the face? Most people think this is a bit too far. But that’s not true when you’re in Africa with the Mundari tribe. In this tribe, scars on the face are seen as a sign of beauty for both men and women. People try to get their scars to look a certain way, and one of these looks is two or three lines that run parallel to each other on the face. How do you feel about it?

Facial and body scarification - West Africa

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6 Rhinoplasty’s surgical dressings – Iran

No matter where you live, you might be self-conscious about your nose’s shape- it might be too big or too small, and you may want to change something about it. In this case, many people opt to get rhinoplasty to fix their noses to look more attractive. This procedure is prevalent in Iran, even though it costs a lot. People in this country think it’s attractive to have a straight nose, so many men and women get nose jobs and publicly flaunt their surgical dressing as a symbol of wealth and status.

Rhinoplasty’s surgical dressings - Iran

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