20 Of The Most Spectacular and Dangerous Hanging Bridges In the World

In earlier days, Hanging bridges were erected for the purpose of fast commuting. With the evolution of technology and engineering expertise, many of these bridges lost their importance and made way for the large constructions we see over huge waterbodies. However, hanging bridges still exist in many parts of the world some a mere 20 feet above the ground and some thousands of feet high. Here are 20 of the most dangerous hanging bridges in the world.

1 Aiguille Du Midi Bridge- Mont Blanc Massif, France

This bridge in France has a major attraction where one can ride the world’s highest ascent car. It is located at a dangerously high elevation of 12,604 feet. The bridge is a link between peaks of the Aiguille Du Midi from where you can look into France, Switzerland and Italy.

Aiguille Du Midi Bridge- Mont Blanc Massif, France

Image Source: www.pinimg.com

2 El Caminito Del Rey- Malaga, Spain

Just 100 meters above sea level, this was a working bridge erected for the purpose of building pathway for workers to cross between the hydroelectric power plant. It serves no purpose now and has become a tourist attraction.

El Caminito Del Rey- Malaga, Spain

Image Source: www.sunshinetours-andalucia.eu

3 Peak Walk by Tissot- Bernese Oberland, Switzerland

This is the first suspension bridge in the world to connect two mountain peaks, View Point peak and Scex Rouge Peak in the Swiss Alps. It was built by Tissot and inaugurated in October 2015. The $2million bridge is 107 meters long.

Peak Walk by Tissot- Bernese Oberland, Switzerland

Image Source: www.amazonaws.com

4 Sochi Sky Bridge, Russia

The 439 meter long Sochi Sky Bridge is the longest pedestrian bridge in the world which has a 700 meter zip wire. Crossing it is a thrilling experience where one commands a panoramic view of the Black Sea.

Sochi Sky Bridge, Russia

Image Source: www.highestbridges.com

5 Europe Bridge- Switzerland

The Europabrucke or Europe Bridge is a 494 m bridge erected 85 m above the Gradbengufer ravine in Switzerland. The bridge is located on a two day hiking trail between Zermatt and Grachen where one has beautiful views of the famous Matterhorn 4478 meters high.

Europe Bridge- Switzerland

Image Source: www.pluska.sk

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