16 Of The Most Captivating Cities In The World You Must See Before You Die

Everybody loves travelling to new places. There is never enough amazing sights to see in the world and where cities are concerned, there are a number of them which stand out as the most happening or interesting cities in the world. Among all the cities in the world, the ones listed here should be on every travelers bucket list because the experience that each one of these will give you is amazing. Check out cities to see before you die.

1 New York

The big Apple is always on the itinerary of every travel enthusiast. It is one of the most vibrant and happening cities in the world. Be it pizza, bagels, cheese cake or kebabs, New York has it all and will never disappoint you in terms of tourist activity.

New York

Image Source: www.gentlegiant.com

2 San Francisco

A dream destination to see the golden gate b ridge and savor the ethnicity of San Francisco’s Chinatown. The Golden gate is an iconic signature symbol of San Francisco. One needs to mention the spectacular and breathtaking road trip to Lake Tahoe which should never be missed.

San Francisco

Image Source: www.tnwcdn.com

3 Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one interesting city that has many different personalities. One side of Hong Kong caters to the traveler who loves the sights and sounds of a hustling and bustling city, while there is another side full of natural beauty for the quiet tourist seeking solitude.

Hong Kong

Image Source: www.urlaubspiraten.de

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