15 Of The Most Stunning And Beautiful Libraries Around The World

11Royal Portuguese Reading Room

Located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, this massive library houses over 350,000 books. It opened to the public in 1887 and gave citizens access to the largest collection of Portuguese literature outside Portugal. However, the dark and gorgeous appearance is due to the use of limestone, stained glass and dark wood. It looks like something straight out of a Harry Potter movie.

Royal Portuguese Reading Room

Image Source: theculturetrip.com

12Admont Abbey Library

This beautiful library gives off Sistine Chapel vibes as it was beautifully decorated and designed by Austrian architect Josef Hueber. Once it was designed the entire thing was painted by BartolomeoAltomonte. Gold and white are the highlights of this library which is located at the Admont Abbey monastery in Austria. It was completed in 1776 and currently houses over 70,000 books along with 1,400 manuscripts which date back to the 8th century.

Admont Abbey Library

Image Source: www.gesaeuse.at

13El Escorial Royal Library

This magnificent library is located just a few miles away from Spain’s capital city of Madrid. It was completed in 1584 which was during the Spanish Renaissance in San Lorenzo de El Escorial. The library was declared a World Heritage Site by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization in 1984. It contains over 45,000 books.

El Escorial Royal Library

Image Source: pinimg.com

14Mafra Palace Library

At first glance, this library looks like something from a movie but this is a real library located in a palace in Mafra, Portugal. The beautiful looks are thanks to the use of white marble and wood. It really looks like a library for a king. The library is home to very rare works of literature like the 15th century ‘Nuremberg Chronicle’ and the 16th century ‘TheatrumOrbisTerrarum’.

Mafra Palace Library

Image Source: www.wheretwogoto.com

15Beitou Library

This remarkable library is located in Taipei, Taiwan and is completely eco-friendly. It opened in 2006 as was a huge part of the city’s public library system. It is home to over 20,000 books for all the visitors to enjoy. It was designed by the Taiwanese firm Bio-Architecture Formosana. The entire library is surrounded by greenery.

Beitou Library

Image Source: cloudfront.net


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