15 Extremely Helpful Apocalyptic Survival Hacks Necessary When The World Ends

In a post apocalyptic world how do you survive, Forget about Zombies, Trump might just start world war III and since you may be in the thick of it, then you might as well start learning survival hacks right now. You can click here if you want to look at a site that goes into much more detail about prepping and the basic materials you will need to have in order to prepare. But, for now, here are 15 ways you can survive using just regular items at home.


1 Crayons as candles

If you run out of candles, then you can burn crayons also because they are after all made out of wax. One crayon can burn for at least 30 minutes try them out and see.

Crayons as candles

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2 DIY toothpaste

You can make your own baking soda toothpaste. Just apply some baking soda and water on your toothbrush and starting cleaning because where will you get toothpaste during survival.


Baking soda benefits

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3 Start a fire

You can start a fire with just about anything flammable. Dryer lint and Vaseline are excellent items to start a fire with because they are both flammable and will burn easily.

Fire from vaseline

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4 Use a soda can to make a camp stove

If you have a soda can u can make it into a stove and cook a can of beans on it or just about anything edible that you find. You could make a pot stew on it also.

Use a soda can to make a camp stove

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5 How to collect water

Food and water are some of the most essential items to have, especially when it comes to an apocalypse. You can collect water in a plastic sheet and keep it well stored in that. Of course you first have to create a cup or oval shape from the sheet so that it will hold the water. This is a nice way to quench your thirst. You’d much rather be prepared if this was to ever happen, then realising you have nothing to help you survive. If it ends up that there is no running water, you’d need to have a back up plan.


Having water stored somewhere in the home or close by is on the top on any apocalypse survival list. One of the best ways of collecting water is by using water storage containers. Small water containers are the recommended sizes if you’re going to be moving from one place to another, you’ll want to be able to transport the water wherever you go. Plus, it would make it so much easier to ration the water if you know it is a necessity for everyone. There are so many things in life that people take for granted and I believe through something like an apocalypse, a large amount of people will become more appreciative of the things they were able to access so easily.

How to collect water

Image Source: www.survivaltek.com


6 Get some extra electric juice from a lemon and some coins

You’ll be surprise what lemons and a coin can do. You can make your own battery with a low level charge ideal for starting fires or even burning a small low power bulb. Follow instructions here: How to start fire from lemon

fire from lemon

Image Source: www.boredpanda.com

7 Navigate the waters using a tarp raft

If you face the possibility of floods all around then make a tarp raft by using wood, branches and tarp all put together. It will easily carry you down the river if required and out of harms way.

Navigate the waters using a tarp raft

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8 To check time of daylight

You can use your fingers to see how much daylight is left. In this way you will know when to set up camp and take it down again. Here is an infographic to help u in a CHUD free environment.

To check time of daylight

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9 How to make a temporary compass

Since you need to survive, you need to find your bearings in the wild too. Use your wristwatch as a makeshift compass. Follow the image details to know how the watch can point to north.

How to make a temporary compass

Image Source: www.whstatic.com

10 To make a fire

You can use steel wool and a battery to lignite a flame. Just hold the two points of the battery to the steel wool. Keep the steel wool spread out and it will catch fire instantly.

How to make fire from battery

Image Source: www.offgridweb.com

11 How to use leaves

Leaves can be used in several different easy. You can use them as insulation and you can use them as a bandage to cover a wound too.

How to use leaves

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12 A bra mask

A single bra cup can make a great makeshift mouth mask so you don’t have to breathe in the pollution from all the smoke and debris lying around. This can prevent you catching disease.

bra mask

Image Source: www.outsideonline.com

13 Case for medical supplies

Altoid tins make a great storage container for medical supplies. First aid in such a scenario where survival hacks are concerned are most import in an post apocalyptic situation. So always have a place to keep them.

Survival kit

Image Source: www.prepper-resources.com

14 Dental floss as a snare

Dental floss can make a great item to snare small game and fish as you will have to rely on your survival instincts to live and catch your own food

Dental floss

Image Source: www.fanpage.gr


15 /span>Bites and itches

The best way to treat bites and itches if there is no medication around is to dip them in salt water which will relieve pain and also disinfect the bites.

Bites and itches

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