15 Most Beautiful European Towns You Need To Check Out ASAP

5Positano, Italy

Positano, Italy

Image Source: www.positano.com

The cliff-side town of Positano, is Italy’s undiscovered marvel. You possibly won’t find this city on a tour guide or any website, but you must visit Positano if you are in Italy. It houses the dome of Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta, which is one of the oldest architectural wonders of Europe.

Positano, Italy1

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6Oia, Greece

Oia, Greece

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Greece is known for its coastal towns, but we bet you’ve never heard of Oia, which is located in Santorini. This town also has white-painted houses you see in most Greek cities, giving it an ethereal look. Oia also has a rich naval history and has the famous and one of the oldest maritime museums.

Oia, Greece1

Image Source: www.greece-is.com

7Annecy, France

Annecy, France

Image Source: www.savoie-mont-blanc.com

Annecy is an alpine town, known for its all-patel township. Not only is it really medieval in sight, but also has a very rich heritage. It also houses the most famous and expensive religious art and is sort of a cultural retreat.

Annecy, France1

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8Ronda, Spain

Ronda, Spain

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Ronda os perhaps one of the very few mountain-top cities in the world. It’s not just historic, but is also a very important landmark of Spanish culture. It has about 35,000 inhabitants, and has the iconic 18th century bullring, which is a major tourist attraction.

Ronda, Spain1

Image Source: www.diariocostadelsol.com

9Bled, Slovania

Bled, Slovania

Image Source: www.pandotrip.com

One of the most supremely exotic European towns, Bled is located at the foothills of the Alps. It runs along the glacial Bled lak, which makes the town every traveller’s fantasy destination. The Bled castle has a history of its own and houses a museum about the town’s history.

Bled, Slovania1

Image Source: www.slovenia.info

10Hallstatt, Austria

Hallstatt, Austria

Image Source: www.travelanddestina

Hallstatt is an Austrian lakeside town and and a UNESCO-listed World Heritage Site. It is famous for its crystal clear lakes and salt factories, which bear a historic significance to this town. It also houses 16th century alpine style buildings, which have survived for centuries, and make this town a rustic gem.

Hallstatt, Austria1

Image Source: www.salzwelten.at

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