12 Of the Most Lethal and Dangerous Rivers in the World

Rivers are an integral part of a waterway system providing a variety of necessities to a land population. Regardless of how intimidating or dangerous a river can be, we still can’t do without them which is why caution is extremely important when negotiating some of the world’s most dangerous rivers. Around the world exist many lethal rivers which apart from being deadly by virtue of their natural existence are also home to dangerous amphibians and reptiles? Here are 12 of the most lethal rivers in the world.


12 Parana River

South America’s Parana River which flows through the countries of Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina is almost 4880kms long. During the course of the year it sometimes wreaks havoc causing flooding and severe land erosion that swallows everything in its path.


Parana River

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11 Yarra River

The Yarra River in Australia is another dangerous river that is also a major tourist attraction among tourists and water sports lovers. However, the river has tragically claimed lives over the years and is extremely polluted to the extent of looking like a sewer in various areas.

Yarra River

Image Source: www.wikimedia.org

10 Murray River

Another treacherous river in Australia which has quite fair share of deadly rivers is the Murray. While it is a frequent spot for kayaking and rafting, it isn’t so hospitable and you can get swept away of you aren’t careful.

Murray River

Image Source: www.southaustralia.com

9 The Red River

The Red River flowing through the Southern states of America is both beautiful and deadly. It is the dangerous currents that flow erratically making it lethal for those wanting to take a dip. Whirlpools are a regular feature in the river and can sometimes swallow up people too. The River is also home to treacherous marshes and swamps.

The Red River

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8 Amur River

The Amur River in Russia may be a safe river where currents and a stable bed is concerned but it is severely polluted and contaminated to the point of fish dying in it. Scientists researching dead fish have found bleeding ulcers which is not a good sign even for humans swimming in the river. The water could cause skin disease and cancer.

Amur River

Image Source: www.russiangeography.com

7 Congo River

The great Congo of Africa is also known locally as “The heart of darkness”. It is the world’s second largest river and opens out into the Atlantic Ocean. It’s 3000 mile long waterway is virtually impossible for small boats to navigate where one particular area called the gates of hell takes one through a 75 mile long canyon which is extremely scary. One will almost certainly come across deadly crocodiles and killer hippos that make the river their home.

Congo River

Image Source: www.thousandwonders.net

6 Kern River

Among the world’s most dangerous rivers, It isn’t unusual to see bodies being recovered from the Kern River in California. The river located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains is a popular haunt for rock climbers and adventure enthusiasts but it has claimed several lives since 1968. More than 271 people have lost their lives in the river where very recently 8 people are still reported missing this year.

Kern River

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5 Yenisei River

The longest river in Russia it exacts a high price on the land through flooding and erosion. The 3,847 km long river flows through six Russian cities and also contains high levels of contaminants making it polluted and toxic which is a health hazard for populations residing on its banks.

Yenisei River

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4 River Nile

The River Nile is famous the world over as the world’s longest river a title conflicting with the Amazon. However the river of Northeast Africa is 6, 853 km long and is home to the most deadliest of snakes spiders and of course the famous Nile crocodiles which are the rivers most dangerous predator.


River Nile

Image Source: www.wikimedia.org

3 Mekong River

The Mekong River is 4350 kms long and flows through 6 countries of Asia including Burma, Thailand Vietnam, Laos and China. It is almost impossible to navigate because of unfriendly currents. Flooding from the Mekong repeatedly takes lives when in 2000 it killed 90 people. In 2008 it caused $66 million worth of destruction. In various pockets you may also come across endangered Siamese crocodiles lurking in its depths.

Mekong River

Image Source: www.thousandwonders.net

2 Niger River

As the principal river of Western Africa the Niger is 4,180 km long but extremely treacherous. In 2010 it took the lives of 30, 000 animals and 5000 people when it burst its banks. It destroys buildings and crops leaving millions homeless without food and livestock. It is also a host for disease.

Niger River

Image Source: www.answersafrica.com


1 Amazon River

It has been given the title of the longest river in the world but among the world’s most dangerous rivers, the Amazon tops the list. Located in South America it mouths the Atlantic Ocean and is almost 6, 992 kms long. It is home to a diverse variety of aquatic animals and because of an undisturbed food chain, you can get really big fish in the Amazon including the Deadly piranha. However the Amazons most lethal predator is the great big anaconda snake which you should be careful of.

Amazon River

Image Source: www.thousandwonders.net


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