12 Of the Most Lethal and Dangerous Rivers in the World

Rivers are an integral part of a waterway system providing a variety of necessities to a land population. Regardless of how intimidating or dangerous a river can be, we still can’t do without them which is why caution is extremely important when negotiating some of the world’s most dangerous rivers. Around the world exist many lethal rivers which apart from being deadly by virtue of their natural existence are also home to dangerous amphibians and reptiles? Here are 12 of the most lethal rivers in the world.

12 Parana River

South America’s Parana River which flows through the countries of Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina is almost 4880kms long. During the course of the year it sometimes wreaks havoc causing flooding and severe land erosion that swallows everything in its path.

Parana River

Image Source: www.framepool.com

11 Yarra River

The Yarra River in Australia is another dangerous river that is also a major tourist attraction among tourists and water sports lovers. However, the river has tragically claimed lives over the years and is extremely polluted to the extent of looking like a sewer in various areas.

Yarra River

Image Source: www.wikimedia.org

10 Murray River

Another treacherous river in Australia which has quite fair share of deadly rivers is the Murray. While it is a frequent spot for kayaking and rafting, it isn’t so hospitable and you can get swept away of you aren’t careful.

Murray River

Image Source: www.southaustralia.com

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