10 Of The Scariest And Most Dangerous Train Routes In The World

Train Routes throughout the world are scenic and beautiful especially when passing through countryside. However, as beautiful as these may be, they can hair-raising in terms of danger too. There are several train routes that run across extremely dangerous stretches and if you happen to travel across one, it would not be a good idea t to look out of the window if you’re faint hearted. Check out 10 of the world’s most dangerous train routes.

10 Argo Gede Train Railroad – Indonesia

The Argo-Gede Railroad in Indonesia runs from Jakarta to Bandung. The stretch of railroad running across the extremely high Cikurutug pylon trestle bridge can give you the shivers especially when you look down at the drop deep into the subtropical valley below.

Argo Gede Train Railroad – Indonesia

Image Source: www.photobucket.com

9 Bamboo Trains, Cambodia

Train routes were built by the French in Cambodia but after the Khmer Rouge destruction, the tracks were used by locals. Handmade carts were propelled across the tracks for domestic use. Today some of these carts are still in circulation for tourism purposes.

Bamboo Trains, Cambodia

Image Source: www.artofabsence.com

8 The Death Railway, Thailand

The death railway is located in Kanchanburi Province in Thailand which borders Myanmar. The track passes through thick forest cover and dangerous mountain terrain. In case the name still doesn’t ring a bell, how about this? “The bridge over the river Kwai”!! Yes it is this very same track that features this section running across the famous bridge in which hundreds of POWs lost their lives during its construction under Japanese rule in WWII.

The Death Railway, Thailand

Image Source: www.timetravelturtle.com

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