10 Places that are majestic and amazing but unfortunately ignored

Why do people choose such cliched vacation destinations like Paris, Amsterdam or Thailand all the time? Where is the creativity in that? There are so many other places in the world you know, and they are just as much fun too. Take a look at some beautiful but ignored and underrated destinations around the globe- they will surely make your vacation exciting and memorable.


1 The Historic Significance of Albania

Glorious Roman ruins, scenic surroundings, fantastic food and surprisingly low prices for everything. Should I tell you more? This picturesque country is surprisingly close to the Mediterranean coast (380 miles), it receives very few visitors. It really is one ignored destination that could blow your mind away.

The Historic Significance of Albania

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2 The Jungles of Slovakia

Next on our list of ignored,underrated destinations is the magnificent Slovakia. Though many tourists come up on Slovakia as an option, they seldom choose to go there. It’s an excellent country to visit if you love the great outdoors, and like activities like trekking and hiking.

The Jungles of Slovakia

Image Source: www.timeforslovakia.com


3 Spring Blossoms of Japan

Now, Japan is not an insignificant country, but people don’t consider it as a vacation destination. Japan has fascinating country sides that look as if they were out of an anime movie. The cherry blossoms and plum blossoms are a sight to see! Visiting this country should certainly be on your bucket list.

Spring Blossoms of Japan

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4 The Uniqueness of Paraguay

It is no surprise that people hardly visit this awesome destination as it is sadly shadowed by its more popular neighbours, Argentina and Brazil. Paraguay can help you experience the true essence of South America and it also has surprisingly fancy shopping districts.

The Uniqueness of Paraguay

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5 Star-lit Skies of Finland

Witnessing a Finnish night sky should be one of the things you should do before you leave the face of Earth. The night skies in Finland are so bizarre and unique that you would have trouble believing it is real. Unfortunately, Finland too is one of the underrated destinations that are ignored by millions of tourists.

Star-lit Skies of Finland

Image Source: www.kamsankh.com


6 The Idyllic Charm of Tuscany

Set in the heart of Italy, Tuscany oozes natural beauty and reminds you of a much simplistic time from before. It is mainly covered by fields, vineyards and trees- lots and lots of trees. Tuscany will turn into a carpeted wonderland during spring season and is certainly a sight for sore eyes. The food there is also exquisite and you can go on Tuscany Tours to experience the Italian food first hand.

 The Idyllic Charm of Tuscany

Image Source: ww.turismo.intoscana.it


7 The Hidden Beauty of Belarus

Unknown to the rest of the world, Belarus is a country that is certainly worth a visit. Its natural beauty is breath-taking and is powerful enough to touch your soul. This mysterious country is yet another ignored and underrated destination that has immense potential in tourism.

The Hidden Beauty of Belarus

Image Source: www.panoramio.com


8 The Breath-taking Edges of Patagonia

Doesn’t the name ‘Patagonia’ alone sound like a land from a fairy tale? Well, it actually is. Hidden from the rest of the world, Patagonia is located at the southern end of South America. It is believed that Earth ends at this land filled with wonders. So technically, Patagonia is the edge of the world. Now, wouldn’t it be super exciting to take a trip to the edge of the world? You will have to agree this sounds interesting but unfortunately is one of those ignored and underrated destinations.

The Breath-taking Edges of Patagonia

Image Source: www.wallpaperscraft.com

9 Salar Di Uyuni of Bolivia

Wouldn’t it be surreal if you could see the land before you stretched out like a magnificent mirror for as far as your eyes can reach? Salar Di Uyuni makes the surreal become real! It is the biggest salt plant in the world and when it rains, the whole plant resembles a mirror. This destination is so sublime that it’s a mystery, really can’t imagine why it is so underrated.

Salar Di Uyuni of Bolivia

Image Source: www.thousandwonders.net

10 The Mysteries of Transylvania

Despite the creepiness associated with this country thanks to Count Dracula and his vampire friends, Transylvania is a truly enchanting destination. You can rewind centuries if you visit this country as major parts of Transylvania are yet to be introduced to modern technology. It is an ideal place if you want to get away from the world and live in a land beyond time.

The Mysteries of Transylvania

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Now you know that the world is filled with so many underrated destinations that are so beautiful and untouched that it is hard to acknowledge their existence. Next time you need a vacation, ditch the mainstream choices and go for a real, true adventure- now you know where you can find one.


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