10 Most Haunted Houses Around the World


Does your home feel like it’s haunted? Have any of your doors or drawers ever opened or shut on their own? Well, if you didn’t know, these kinds of things happen all the time in haunted houses worldwide. Did you hear about the haunted hotel in Colorado where vacuum cleaners make the ghosts go crazy? Or that you can’t go to a Fort in India after the sun goes down? If you haven’t, here are 10 of the most haunted houses worth knowing about.

1 The Bender House, Kansas, USA

If you were traveling through Labette County, Kansas, in the 1800s and booked a room at the Bender Family’s small bed and breakfast inn, you probably wouldn’t leave again. At the time, no one would have guessed that the Bender family was a group of serial killers who had killed dozens of people. An investigation of the Bender property found the smashed-in skulls of about 11 people whose bodies were buried in the garden. The family members had already left the scene, but it didn’t take long to figure out that they were the ones who did these horrible things. Due to this, people think that the Bender property is haunted by people who died in such horrible ways. The scariest and chilling thing about this family’s history of serial killing is that the Bender land was never fully dug up, and only the devil knows what happened to the Benders.

The Bender House

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2 Borley Rectory, County of Essex, England

It is said that this Victorian palace in Essex, which burned down in 1939, is one of England’s most haunted houses. In the 1860s, footsteps were heard in the middle of the night, which was the first sign that the Rectory was haunted. Locals said they had seen the ghost of a nun many times, along with two headless horsemen and a phantom vehicle. Strange sounds like a servants’ bells ringing by themselves and bottles being thrown have also been heard. The hauntings at the old estate are so well-known that paranormal investigators were sent to find out what was going on in Borley Rectory.

Borley Rectory

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3 Putul Bari, Kolkata, India

If you ask any person who lives in Kolkata, which is in the Indian state of West Bengal, about Putul Bari, they will tell you to stay away from it. Putul Bari means “House of Dolls” in English, but there is nothing good about it. Putul Bari is on the banks of the River Hooghly, North Kolkata. Local legend says that rich local landlords used to hang out there in the 20th century and try to entice young girls to come into their mansion. Once the girls went inside the mansion, they were never seen again. It is said that Putul Bari is now haunted by the ghosts of hundreds of young women who were killed there. The creepy doll-like statues that line the terrace of Putul Bari make the building look even scarier.

Putul Bari, Kolkata, India

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