10 Best hiking trails of the world for all the hiking enthusiasts!

For those who are fond of travelling, wading through hiking trails with a backpack and their best trekking poles is something that they adore the most. Numerous such trails exist throughout the world giving an ample opportunity to the avid traveller to explore new vistas. If you’re interested in hiking but you don’t know where to start, you might be interested in reading something like this UK hiking blog and maybe you might get some ideas on where to begin. Take a look at the best hiking trails of the world.


10 Overland Track (Australia)

The Overland Track runs across 40 miles and extends from Cradle Mountain to Lake St. Clair, which happens to be the deepest lake in Australia. This is one of the best hiking trails in the region and visitors need to pay a fee during the month of October. At other times, visitors can explore the region for free. You will find rain forests and alpine meadows in abundance in the area. For a hike like this, you’d like to make sure you’ve got the best equipment available so that you can enjoy the hike to its full effect, which is why you might want to take a look at somewhere like Backpacks Global before you begin your hiking adventure!

Overland Track (Australia)

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9 John Hunter Memorial Trail (Alaska)

This is a 3.8-mile long hiking trail and passes through a spruce forest. Salmon can be found in abundance in this area and John Hunter Memorial trail is considered to be one of the most popular hiking trails in Alaska. Bears too abound the region, so one needs to be cautious while trekking here.

John Hunter Memorial Trail (Alaska)

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8 Mount Kailash Pilgrimage (Tibet)

Considered to be of extreme religious significance for the Hindu community, Mount Kailash Pilgrimage is one of the best hiking trails in Asia. The summit of this trail has not been climbed ever by anyone, more so owing to its religious significance.

Mount Kailash Pilgrimage (Tibet)

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7 The Narrows (Southwest Utah)

The Narrows in Zion National Park is among the best of the lot when it comes to breathtaking views. Not much of a trail exists here and you will have to wade through the area to make through.

 The Narrows (Southwest Utah)

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6 The Huashan Hiking Trail (China)

Only the brave-hearts can pass through this hiking trail and the travelers need to ascend a set of stairs that can take up to six hours. You will also have to scale the mountainside on planks with only chains to offer you some kind of support.

The Huashan Hiking Trail (China)

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5 Wales Coast Path (United Kingdom)

Wales Coast Path extends up to 870 miles and passes through the entire Welsh coastline. It runs from Chepstow in southeast region to Queensferry in the North. The trail offers breathtaking views of the coastline though it does pass through private properties at places.

Wales Coast Path (United Kingdom)

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4 North Darkensberg Traverse, South Africa

This hiking trail is famous for the fact that it offers dramatic views of Darkensberg Mountain which is considered to be the most rugged mountain range in South Africa. You will encounter mountain slopes, rocky cliffs and green hills as you traverse this trail which is considered to be the most daunting in South Africa.

North Darkensberg Traverse, South Africa

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3 Everest Base Camp (Nepal)

For those who cannot think of climbing the Mount Everest but still want that extra trait of adventure, a trek to the Everest Base Camp is the best thing to do. This can be possible now as National Geographic is planning such trekking trails in this year.

You will not only get to explore the culture of the area but will also get to interact with Sherpa who have always been the pillars of strength of mountaineers who ascend the mighty Mount Everest.

Everest Base Camp (Nepal)

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2 The Long Range Traverse (Canada)

You will be able to traverse the ridges and valleys of Newfoundland if you agree to trek through the Long Range Traverse in Canada. You will find glacial expanses as well as long grassy trails when you tread the region.

The Long Range Traverse (Canada)

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1 Half Dome (California)

This hiking trail in California has the astounding Sierra Nevada Mountains in the background. The summit point expands to five acres and is relatively flat as compared to the rest of the trail. The region is frequented by travellers and is open from May to late October.

Half Dome (California)

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