10 amazing towers in the world like Pisa – Are you travelling any of these?

On August 9 in 1173, the foundation stone of the bell tower was placed. It was the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, or simply the famous Pisa Tower, known worldwide for its tilt tower. However, there are other towers or structures that are also inclined. They are maybe not as famous as the famous Tower of Pisa, but they are equally interesting.


1 Chapel of Suurhusen, Germany

The chapel was constructed in Suurhusen in the period of the Middle Ages. It is in the area of East Frisia, in northwest Germany. The tower of the chapel of Suurhusen is the steepest in the world and beats the popular Leaning Tower in Pisa with 1.22 degrees.

Chapel of Suurhusen, Germany

Image Source: www.articol.md


2 Big Ben in London, UK

Big Ben or the clock tower for the Parliament of Britain leans 0.26 degrees, which means 43.5 cm to the north, according to newly released documents. The incline increases by 0.9 millimeters a year starting from 2003 because of underground workings.

Big Ben in London, UK

Image Source: www.professionalwatches.com


3 Two towers in Bologna, Italy

The Bologna’s Garisenda and Asinelli towers are constantly inclined despite efforts. The inclination of the Asinelli tower is not much, but the steeper one is the Garisenda tower. The leaning from the normal position is 3.22 meters.

Two towers in Bologna, Italy

Image Source: www.youpodia.de


4 The tower of the Frankenhausen church, Germany

Built on a hill on the city borders, the tower of the church of Frankenhausen is always exposed to powerful winds. Its inclination grows to a blistering 6 cm a year. State and local administration have allocated $ 1.5 million in order to curb the alarming inclination.

The tower of the Frankenhausen church, Germany

Image Source: www.thehistoryblog.com


5 Leaning Tower in Pisa, Italy

Constructed on a clay soil, the tower began to lean a couple of years after the beginning of construction. Currently, the inclination is about 4 °, 3.9 meters from the vertical spread. In 1990, it was closed to the public for security reasons. In 2008, after removing 70,000 kg of soil, it was announced that the tower had become stable, not producing any displacement for the first time in its history. The Tower of Pisa was reopened to the public in 2011.

Leaning Tower in Pisa, Italy

Image Source: www.hardyservices.co.uk


6 Torre Nevyansk, Russia

The Tower Nevyansk is also inclined. The tower was built in the main area of Nevyansk, Russia, and it is maybe the most popular monument of the Urals. It was built on the initiative of Peter the Great in the beginning of the eighteenth century. It was constructed by the famous Russian architect Akinfiy Demidov. The height of the tower is 57.6 meters. Following the recent studies, the deviation of the Nevyansk tower is two meters and twenty centimeters.

Torre Nevyansk, Russia

Image Source: www.uraltourism.com


7 Pagoda Tiger Hill, Suzhou, China

The Tiger Hill or Huqiu Tower was built in the city of Suzhou in the province of Jiangsu. The tower has a height of 47 meters. It is a numerous-storey building, made with blue octagonal brick. For hundreds of years, it has been leaning slowly because of the power of nature. The inclination of the tower is 2.33 meters.

Pagoda Tiger Hill, Suzhou, China

Image Source: www.meetmeinshanghai.com


8 Leaning Tower of Burano, Italy

Visiting Venice, it is an amazing experience, especially if one considers visiting one of the islands of the lagoon, Burano. You will see the leaning tower of the St. Martin’s church, made in the fifteenth century.

Leaning Tower of Burano, Italy

Image Source: www.deviantart.net

9 Oude Kerk church, Netherlands

Old Church, also known as the church of “Old John” (Oude Jan), is a Protestant Gothic church located in the main center of the city of Delft in the Netherlands. With a height of 75 meters, its collapse is 1.98 meters from the normal position.

Oude Kerk church, Netherland

Image Source: www.bp.blogspot.com

10 Bedum Tower in Netherlands

In the Dutch town called Bedum, they also have their own leaning tower. With a height of 35.7 meters, its inclination is 2.61 meters.

Bedum Tower in Netherlands

Image Source: www.telegraph.co.uk


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