Why is an Inverter Trolley Important?

Inverters are extremely important in offices and homes. You always need an inverter in case of a power failure. But do you ever struggle with moving the inverter along with a battery around, as both the devices are extremely bulky and heavy? Yes, right? So, you need to get an inverter trolley.


An inverter trolley is incredibly helpful in moving the inverter and the battery around.

If you live alone, sometimes it can get difficult to handle heavy things all by yourself, but with an inverter trolley, it is easy. Still wondering if this is an unnecessary investment. Take a look at why you really need an inverter trolley:


1A Perfect Carriage

The work of a trolley is to carry things from one place to another without any extra effort involved—big brands like Luminous offer an inverter trolley for both single and double battery. Using a trolley, you can conveniently move the inverter around.

Battery trolley

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2Offers Easy Mobility

It is important that you consider the spot where you want to place the inverter. For instance, you have placed an inverter in one room, and for some reason, you have to move it out, you will require an inverter trolley for this purpose.

3The Choosing Part

To buy an ideal trolley for your inverter, you need to know the type of inverter battery, and then you can purchase a trolley accordingly. There is a trolley available for Flat plate battery, tubular battery and 2*tubular batteries.


Are you investing in an inverter trolley for the first time? You can seek help from trusted brands like Luminous as they will help you in choosing the right inverter trolley.

Luminous has introduced a premium quality, ultra-durable trolley, which helps in reducing storage space and fits well with your home décor too. It is spacious, efficient, and made from tough and long-lasting material that cannot be destroyed by spillage from the battery. The trolley comes with wheels for easy mobility. You can conveniently place the battery inside the trolley while an inverter can be placed on top of it.


Listed down are some unique features that make Luminous inverter trolley the best:

Luminous Inverter Trolley

Image Source: luminousindia.com

  • The inverter trolley is made from high-grade plastic material, which makes it ultra-durable.
  • The USP of a Luminous inverter trolley is that it is compatible with all types of batteries and inverters.
  • The trolley comes with top-notch built wheels of superior quality.
  • It is easy to assemble.
  • No dangling open wires and safe for children.
  • It is affordable.

A trustworthy and powerful brand like Luminous brings you a premium-quality Tough-X inverter battery trolley. Screwless features make installation easy and simple, and the open backside supports ventilation. This strong and easy to install trolley can be placed anywhere in your house, which is sturdy and pleasing to the eye.

It is surely the best accessory for your inverter and batteries!


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