13 Ways to Make Your Computer Run Faster

9Disable Unnecessary Auto-Start Programs

Remove all the auto-start programs because they slow down your computer. You can even create a shortcut in your desktop for easy access. For Mac user, go to System Preference-Users and Groups-Login Items and from there you can remove any unnecessary auto-start programs. For Window user, go to the Startup tab and then click disable.

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You can boost your computer speed by rebooting it regularly. If you don’t restart your computer regularly it will slow down as well and behave strangely. Make sure you shut down your computer using menu option instead of just hitting the power button.

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If you check your computer you will find that there are lots of photos, screenshots, videos, downloaded movies and other such huge files that are taking up a huge amount of space in your computer. Delete unnecessary files or move them to an external device such as CD or Cloud.

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12Update your Computer

It is recommended that you replace your computer every five years. If you use computer with outdated software, you are more prone to hackers, malware and therefore, you should update your computer.

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13Temporary files and cache

As you keep browsing, your computer keeps saving temporary files which can add up to a huge amount that you may not know. Moreover an overloaded cache can slow down the computer and make some sites slow to load. Clear out your cache by using the browser history using clear browser or clear cache option. This can be also done by internet options.

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