13 Ways to Make Your Computer Run Faster

5How to bring up the task manager

For Macs user, use the Spotlight search and open Activity Monitor. Whereas, for Windows user to bring up the task manager press Ctrl+Alt+Del. The programs running will show up and you can choose and delete any programs that you aren’t using. After doing this reboot your computer.

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6Use toggle switches

If you are Windows 10 user then instead of going through all this you can just go to settings-privacy-background apps and then just turn off the toggle switch of certain apps to restrict them from running in the background.

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7Uninstall Unused Programs

It is an obvious fact that during the lifespan of computer we have downloaded many unnecessary apps which we have never used. They make our computer run slow. You should uninstall all such apps from your computer. For Window user you can find them under Programs & Features in the Control Panel whereas, for Mac users you will find it under Applications.

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8Solid-State Drive is Must

A solid-State Drive stores your data on a memory chip. It can read and write your data 20-100 times faster than your usual hard drive. This is what a professional would do just so you know that you are getting the right type of interface. This is, however, a last resort as switching your hard drive is complicated.

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