13 Ways to Make Your Computer Run Faster

Today almost everyone has a computer or laptop. Being the age of technology, we are heavily dependent on our gadgets and devices without which we would be completely lost. Our computers and laptops are hardy machines but they can start running slow al of a sudden because of a number of issues. Here 13 of them which you should take care about to make your computer run faster.


1Scan for Malware

Keep in check for spyware, malware and viruses because they can infiltrate your computer and slow down your computer, add a new home page that you didn’t choose, send frequent messages notifying that something is wrong and also tries to spy on what you do online. You should always have a good anti-virus software and scan your computer frequently. You can also download free malware scanning program such as “Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.” Keep it updated.

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2Assess your Anti-Virus Software

Along with the virus even the anti-software programs are the culprit behind slowing down your computer such as McAfee. It is recommended that you use the anti-virus program that comes with your computer such as, XProtect for Macintosh users and Windows Defender for Windows users instead of downloading something more. It is also recommended to use Malwarebytes because they don’t slow down your computer. However, if you find that your computer is infected from a virus this might cause you to lose some of your files or corrupt your computer, you may need to get in touch with a hard drive data recovery service, similar to Secure Data Recovery, which might aid you with recovering your lost data.

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3Upgrade RAM

If you want your computer to work quick and responsive you should definitely upgrade your hardware which includes increasing the RAM. Eight gigabytes of RAM is average because even Windows and Macintosh need a minimum of eight gigabytes to run effectively. It is recommended to even go for 16 gigabytes. It is difficult adding RAM, therefore, it is recommended to hire an IT professional while installing your RAM. Also, keep in mind to look up for your model before ordering.

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4Shut down unused Programs

Several programs at once will definitely slow down your computer. Some programs will still run in background if you just close down the programs via the red cross in the top right-hand corner. Make use of Task Manager or Activity Monitor to close the programs.

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