Watch the Video of the launching of the World’s largest futuristic super Yacht whose features will amaze you


How amazing is a yacht with its own submarine, helipad and a floating spiral staircase. Right out of a Hollywood sci –fi movie comes a yacht named “A”. The world’s largest futuristic yacht owned by Russian Billionaire Andrey Igorevich Melnichenko is inviting huge attention wherever it sails and is the latest superstar attraction on the internet.

At 468 feet long, the yacht is now the world’s largest. Designed by Phillip Starck and finished in Nobiskrug shipyard, Kiel, Germany, it cost the billionaire a staggering £360 million.

1 State of the art shipbuilding technology

The world’s largest futuristic yacht is gigantic and manufactured from state of the art building technology. It features eight decks and has 3 masts 295 feet long. Named just Sailaing Yacht “A” after Melnichenko’s first name ‘Andrey’, it took 5 years to construct and is now the largest in the world.

 State of the art shipbuilding technology

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2 Why it is named “A”

The main reason why it has been named ‘A’ because this way it appears on the top list of every shipping register in the world. Each of its decks are connected with multiple lifts and one of its spectacular attractions is its spiral floating staircase. The Yacht is now on its way to Spain. The Yacht has undergone successful sailing trials in the Baltic Sea.

The 468 ft long yacht has two twin MTU engines of 4,827 HP which gives it a fantastic speed of 21 knots at a range of 5,320 nautical miles.

Why it is named “A”

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3 Stunning and spectacular features

Three 295-foot masts are masterpieces compatible with maximum wind manipulation. They are unique because they have been produced from carbon material and is accessible from the interior of the vessel. Sails of the mast are unfurled by a remote button. The stunning futuristic yacht also contains a garage for 4 vehicles, a submarine and a helipad located on the bow.

Stunning and spectacular features

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4 Built by Dutch and British architects

The world’s largest futuristic yacht is a marvel of technology and has been manufactured with the help of Dutch and British architects. According to Project director Dirk Kloosterman said: “This has been the most challenging assignment of my career. I am confident Sailing Yacht A will be the world’s greatest yacht in terms of design and technology for the years ahead.


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