Upcoming technologies which will blow your mind

How cool would it be to have an assistant that knows what clothes you like to wear, what programming is best for your children or even your favorite meals? Well, folks that is just one of the many fascinating technologies in the works for the future. These amazing virtual assistants give a whole new meaning to the word virtual they will be our cloned presence on the internet, book our appointments and much more.

1 Artificially Intelligent Personal Assistant

Between working full time, managing a household and family there is little or no time for the average individual to unwind or spend time with friends and family. Well, gang, we now, have artificially intelligent personal assistants in the works that will be our virtual presence on the internet and in our own lives. They will know our personalities, quirks and the least important of our traits. They will be available to us 24 7 at our beckon call. How cool is that? Consider it as one of those speaking car systems that people use when their car breaks down or have emergencies except on a whole new level. These neat assistants will even be able to hold meaningful conversations with us.

Artificially Intelligent Personal Assistant

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