Upcoming technologies which will blow your mind

How cool would it be to have an assistant that knows what clothes you like to wear, what programming is best for your children or even your favorite meals? Well, folks that is just one of the many fascinating technologies in the works for the future. These amazing virtual assistants give a whole new meaning to the word virtual they will be our cloned presence on the internet, book our appointments and much more.


1 Artificially Intelligent Personal Assistant

Between working full time, managing a household and family there is little or no time for the average individual to unwind or spend time with friends and family. Well, gang, we now, have artificially intelligent personal assistants in the works that will be our virtual presence on the internet and in our own lives. They will know our personalities, quirks and the least important of our traits. They will be available to us 24 7 at our beckon call. How cool is that? Consider it as one of those speaking car systems that people use when their car breaks down or have emergencies except on a whole new level. These neat assistants will even be able to hold meaningful conversations with us.

Artificially Intelligent Personal Assistant

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2 Invisible Computers Everywhere by 2030

Did you notice lately computing devices are getting smaller and smaller ranging from laptops to iPods? Well, folks as you already know we have computing devices everywhere we turn. They are in our children’s toys, our cars, and even refrigerators. They make our lives so much easier with their automated processes. However in the future there will be invisible computer devices that will be in our clothes, fashion accessories, and even contact lenses. To use these neat hidden computer tools, we will just communicate with them using our feedback and natural language. There is even a contact lens that is being developed that will help us see better and will totally be operated by our voice patterns and feedback. Check out this future contact lens that could be in an eyeglass store near you real soon.


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3 Digital Animal Minds

Did you know that there are certain experiments currently being done totally to digitalize the brain of the nematode worm with prospects of eventually including ants, bees, and even mice? With progress like this eventually these little critters will be robotic avatars. With such significant strides in science digitalizing the human brain can’t be far behind. How cool.

Digital Animal Minds

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4 The First Sanctioned Megascale Geo engineering Project

With our climate drastically changing daily, and the ice levels in the Polar Regions decreased steadily with each passing second, the talks have started in enforcing the megascale geo engineering project. Some of these theories include artificial trees, enhanced weathering and ocean fertilization to name a few.

The First Sanctioned Megascale Geo engineering Project

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5 Internet Connection Between Earth and Mars

With rumors of someone reaching Mars by the 2030s whether it be our government or private business the first thing, they will be setting up is a stable internet connection that goes between Earth and Mars. That is really impressive when you think about it. The ability to order something from Amazon while you live on another planet and have it delivered? This is awesome.

Internet Connection Between Earth and Mars

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6 The First True Anti-Aging Solution

Move over cosmetic products that claim to make you look sixteen but make no difference in those fine lines and wrinkles. Scientists are currently investigating a way to make us all look the day we were in our twenties. They are studying using the genetic makeup of those individuals who live well into their 100’s and look full of vigor and life. There is even talk of therapies that will give us the youthful appearance.

The First True Anti-Aging Solution

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7 Robots Designed To Kill

A long time subject of hit science fiction movies such as The Terminator the truth is in the pudding folks. In fact, the government already has mechanisms in place for naval ships that use computers to track down the enemy to kill. These killer robots will exceed the depth of any human’s capabilities across the physical and thinking parameters. Quite scary when you think about it.

Robots Designed To Kill

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8 Lab Grown Organs and Meat

You read that right folks. By the year, 2030 significant progress has been made to allow us to grow our own organs such as our heart and ears and with no rejection by our bodies. The trick behind it all is using our own stem cells to create different body tissue that will form these life-saving organs. Similar practices are currently being studied where meat will be produced genetically as well. Very interesting.

Lab Grown Organs and Meat

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9 The Ability to Print Our Own Home Furniture and Much More

With the onset of 3 D printers, there is much progress being made on being able to print your designs and specs to have furniture right in your home. No need to go to the store pick it out and then have it shipped when you can do it from the comforts of your home. Some other fascinating concepts on the horizon include being able to print your own handgun, vaccines so that you don’t need to go to the doctors self-assembling robots and androids. These 3 D printers will be so advanced they won’t even need guidance from a human being. Mind boggling to say the least.

The Ability to Print Our Own Home Furniture and Much More

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10 The Ocean Will Eventually Quench the World’s Thirst

As each day passes the world’s water supply diminishes significantly. With such a need to keep the human race liquidated, there is already current studies and processes in place to desalt the ocean so that it may be used as drinking water. Experts predict that between the 2020s and 2030s that we could be using the sea as a means of keeping our planet hydrated.

The Ocean Will Eventually Quench the World's Thirst

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