7 Things you didn’t knew your phone could do

All of us use a smartphone which generally has the latest technology put into manufacturing it. We use it for basic needs like calling someone, messaging and chatting, but also to take photos, listen to songs and even give you directions. Apart from that, you can also use your phone for these 7 things that you might have never thought of before.


1 Want better signal

One of the biggest problems any phone user faces is the signal reception. Despite being the smart phone becoming a multiple utility device, it is still used for its basic thing, calling others. In order to get better reception, you need to reboot the phone into airplane mode for some seconds. It will search for the nearest tower and give you better reception.

Want better signal

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2 Keep phone dry and safe

Always use a zip locked plastic bag to keep your phone safe if you are going anywhere near water like beach or swimming pool. It not only keeps your phone safe from accidental water damage or sand damage, you can use the bag to hang it from the seat while travelling and watch a movie.

Keep phone dry and safe

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3 Unique way to charge your phone

If you are looking to charge your phone and find that all of the plugs points in your house are taken by your siblings or you are in your hotel room and find that your charger has given up on you. Do not worry, just use the USB ports in the LCD TVs in most hotel rooms and charge your phone.

Unique way to charge your phone

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4 Get this hi-tech jacket

This jacket is known as Baubax jacket which has many utilities like neck pillow in collar which can be inflated, eye mask in the hood and a very crucial charger pocket in which you can charge your phone without using a cable.

Get this hi-tech jacket


5 Get the best use of your camera

You might have a smart phone with X megapixels camera, but unless you use it correctly, it ain’t giving you the picture you are looking for. If you are looking to capture something that is a bit far away or there are many people in the photo and it needs to look sharp, use the back camera of the phone. And if you are looking capture something that needs to look soft and cuddly, use the front facing camera of the phone.

Get the best use of your camera

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6 How to get back your phone in case you lose it

All you need to do is go into the notes app of your phone and enter some basic information about yourself and take a screenshot of it. Now go into the Gallery app and select the same photo as your lock screen wall paper. In case you lose your phone, the person who finds it may see the information and return the phone.

How to get back your phone in case you lose it

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7 A new technology

The researchers at the Georgia tech have found out a way to use your phone to find out what and how fast you type on your computer. They have found a way to do this without using the camera or the microphone of the smartphone. The technology uses the accelerometer of the phone and a very complex algorithm to translate the vibrations from your keystrokes into readable information.


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