They literally printed a car! A fully functional car!


Buying a brand new car is a luxury not everyone can have. Building your own car? Now that’s one thing you’d definitely want to do. In almost everything we own, you’d always see the label ‘Made in China’. Being the World’s biggest factory of all sorts, China is the producer of almost anything we’re using right now.

Although China makes a lot of stuff, they still love to experiment on creating so many things that goes wild into our imagination. They have all sorts of creations from the unusual to the most beneficial. This Chinese Company decided to make a car in a more convenient way the Chinese way— rather, the cheaper way.

1 China’s First 3D Printed Sedan

Sanya Sihai, a Chinese 3D Tech Company, decided to build a car— a 3D printed car. The company created the bright-orange electric-powered sedan for only $1,770 in manufacturing. The company is based in Hainan Province; it is a company that makes use of 3D printing in most of its company’s products and services. And it was the one who uncovered ‘China’s First 3D Printed Car’.


Sanya Suhei says that the 3D printed car took about 45 days and 5 days of it was dedicated to printing all the parts of the car.

China’s First 3D Printed Sedan

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