These 10 free tricks can keep your money and computer safe from disasters


Many individuals will pay hundreds of dollars each year to keep their computers free from hackers and viruses but did you know there are many ways you can do this for free. Why pay all that money when you can have the same results for free. Additionally some of these programs work with the beta version of Windows Vista, which few anti-virus programs are able to offer. It is also recommended that you have several spyware programs installed to check for various spyware and adware as each application tests for a different one. Read this informative article on the top free ways to keep your system clean and error free.

1 Free Anti-Virus and Anti Spyware Protection

Sure you can pay hundreds of dollars to the big boys such as Norton and Mcafee but there are two well-knownanti-virus programs out there that offer the same essential services for free. AVG Anti-Virus and its companion Antispywareprogram offer home computer users the same real-time protection, automatically scan for viruses and automatic updates as others do, and it’s entirely free. Avast 4 is another widely used anti-virus program and works well with the beta version of Windows Vista unlike some of their competitors. Some other well-known free Spyware programs include Ad-Ware Personal and Spybot Search and Destroy. Having more than one spyware, and adware program is recommended as each program scans for adifferent version. With this list of free choices why not check some of these out and cut an additional expense.

Free Anti-Virus and Anti Spyware Protection

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2 Use Shields Up to Check your Computer’s Security Online

Shields up offers computer users a free online checking tool to verify every facet of your computer to ensure it is tightly secured. It will check your internet ports, lets you know if your system is in stealth mode which is recommended for optimum safety among a host of other features. This excellent free online tool will even give you recommendations on what you can do to ensure your system is safe and sound from hackers and other malicious software out there that can invade your system.

Use Shields Up to Check your Computer's Security Online

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3 Free Wireless Internet Protection Software

With many computer users tapping into the wireless connections this opens up a prying eye to all those hackers and would-beidentity thieves. It is recommended that you adjust your router settings so that no one can snoop and see your personal information. While you can do this on your own there are some free programs that will do this for you. One such program Network Magic does this for you quite well. While there is a free and paid version, the free version will do everything you need without having to pay a penny. Once the application is installed it will examine your routers security settings, and even lets you know if you’re advertising your SSID. It will give you a detailed report along with recommendations to keep your wireless connection free from harm.

Free Wireless Internet Protection Software.

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4 Install and Use a Free Firewall

Zone Alarm is an excellent choice for a free Firewall as it will keep your system free from any hackers and other harmful attacks on your system. Zone Alarm does offer a paid version but for the purpose of Firewall protection the free version should work just fine.

Install and Use a Free Firewall

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5 Encrypt Your Data

Encrypting your data is pertinent whether you are at work or at home. If you are working on something confidential, you really don’t want your co-workers or anyone else having access to it. Remember it’s not just hackers that can do harm sometimes it can be the person sitting right next to you at work. How doyou remedy this problem? Encrypt all your files so no one can access them without having a password. While many of these encryption programs are costly and can be quite hard to use, there is one free application that is user-friendly and doesn’t require much to use the application. Cryptainer LE from Cypherix is entirely free to use and simple. Once you install the application on your system, it creates a new encryptedvolume on your computer. You can move files to the volume or even create files within the encrypted volume. When you are going to be away from your desk, you just highlight them and click on the unload button. The data will disappear and only come back once you type the password you created.

Encrypt Your Data

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6 Protect Against Phishers

While this pertains to bank accounts and other pertinent information, Phishers can access in many ways while on your computer. Many computer users receive emails from EBay, PayPaland other various banking and financial institutions assuming it is the place they bank or do financial business with. Once you click on the link and enter your information the phisher or hacker has access to all your personal banking information and can begin the detrimental process of emptying your bank account and opening fraudulent accounts in your name. While it is recommended that, you do not even click on such emails no matter how legitimate it may look, there are several anti-phishing toolbars out there completely free to use. One is the Google Toolbar. The Google Toolbar includes a free anti-phishing feature built in that will automatically alert you anytime you are visiting a site that isn’t from the place you normally do business with. If you don’t have, this installed you really should. Most other browsers such as Firefox and Internet Explorer have these same features installed as well.

Protect Against Phishers

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7 Disable Fire Sharing

Most computer users don’t even know it, but file sharing gives access to everything that is contained in your system which is basically allowing anyone to see all your personal stuff that you may not want to share. Checking to see if you have file sharing on is quite easy. Open windows explorer and look for any folders that have a hand beneath them. If they do, that means everything in this folder as well thesubfiles canbe seen by everyone. To disable file sharing simply right click the folder then select sharing and security select the Sharing tab and then click do not share this folder and ok. Just a few simple clicks and you are giving yourself optimum protection.

Disable Fire Sharing

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8 Surf the Web Anonymously

Did you know that when you surf the web that other websites can see everything about you? It’s like you are an open book for unknown individuals to see whatever they want. These websites can see everything about the type of computer you are using, your IP address, and your Geographic location and even see the sites you visited. If you want to protect against these unknown prying eyes, it is advised you surf the web anonymously. To do this, you can go to a free site called The Cloak. Click the surf link on the left hand side of the page. After this type, the Url or web address you want to visit and the site will act as your proxy and hide your IP address and other identifiable information from those prying eyes.

Surf the Web Anonymously

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9 Say No To Cookies

Websites can build profiles based on your surfing habits. The trick is they place cookies on your hard disk which track all the sites you visit while on the World Wide Web. However, you can block these sites from seeing your information by placing an opt out cookie on your hard disk that will prevent these sites from seeing where you go to visit. Besides why should they see this personal information anyway?

Say No To Cookies

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10 Install Free Malware

Malware is another malicious application that can cause havoc on your system that can cause major issues such as your system running slow or even crashing. It is suggested that you have a malware program installed which you can run to ensure your system has no annoying malware. One free application Malware Bytes is an excellent program that does this quite well. While they offer both a free and paid version, the free version should be sufficient enough to address any issues and to keep your system safe.

Install Free Malware

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