These 10 free tricks can keep your money and computer safe from disasters


Many individuals will pay hundreds of dollars each year to keep their computers free from hackers and viruses but did you know there are many ways you can do this for free. Why pay all that money when you can have the same results for free. Additionally some of these programs work with the beta version of Windows Vista, which few anti-virus programs are able to offer. It is also recommended that you have several spyware programs installed to check for various spyware and adware as each application tests for a different one. Read this informative article on the top free ways to keep your system clean and error free.

1 Free Anti-Virus and Anti Spyware Protection

Sure you can pay hundreds of dollars to the big boys such as Norton and Mcafee but there are two well-knownanti-virus programs out there that offer the same essential services for free. AVG Anti-Virus and its companion Antispywareprogram offer home computer users the same real-time protection, automatically scan for viruses and automatic updates as others do, and it’s entirely free. Avast 4 is another widely used anti-virus program and works well with the beta version of Windows Vista unlike some of their competitors. Some other well-known free Spyware programs include Ad-Ware Personal and Spybot Search and Destroy. Having more than one spyware, and adware program is recommended as each program scans for adifferent version. With this list of free choices why not check some of these out and cut an additional expense.

Free Anti-Virus and Anti Spyware Protection

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