The Top Science Fair Projects That Will Make a Difference In how we Live

How cool would it be to have a robotic arm that you could control just by using your thoughts? How about having technology that can proactively stop a nuclear attack or chemicals before doing any significant damage? Meet the phenomenal young future scientists and their amazing inventions. Here are some projects that will make a difference in how we live.

1 Robotic Arm Controlled by Your Thoughts

Fifteen-year-old Anand Srinivasan developed a unique way of using your mind’s thoughts to control a robotic arm. The ambitious young man took a series of online university courses so that he could learn how to build and program his awesome invention. The device responds to electronic signals from the brain. From here an EEG, decides which signals to use. Imagine the possibilities with this excellent concept.

Robotic Arm Controlled by Your Thoughts

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