If you are lover of outdoor activities, this tent should be on your must have list

Most people love to live with time and the modern time demands people get down with the newest form of music known as EDM. It is conducted using electronic music systems and DJs blasting one hit after hit and usually, such EDM concerts draw a huge crowd and are held in open as people can attend and camp in the open and enjoy nature. But for people who love camping outside, the only option is to drive a mobile camper or carry the best 2 person tent with them so that they can camp in those tents. But those cumbersome tents take so much time to erect and come with no power backup. With this being said, by doing a quick google search into something like Explore with TentBox, the decision making process of finding a tent suitable for camping may be made a lot easier. Understandably, there are many tents on the market, so it may take some time. But as long as you are happy with one, the camping trip can begin!


That’s why it’s important for campers to read these reviews of large tents and any other tents before the purchase a tent as they want to make sure they get suitable equipment for their camping trip. This new concept tent will blow you mind as it has all that you need every to enjoy nature and then some more. If you like enjoying the great outdoors but don’t like the sound of these tents, don’t worry you can still enjoy it! You might want to buy an RV, but make sure you have some rv repair insurance to go with it – repairs can be costly!

1 The Orange Solar Tent

The Orange Solar Tent is a futuristic concept tent also known as Kaleidoscope or just solar tents. It is a tent that is basically designed to keep mind the growing culture of attending EDM or Electronic Dance Music concerts which are usually held in open places. Most people love camping outdoors and they have traditional tents for their use. These tents are extremely bulky and hard to carry around. Plus normally it takes around 3-4 hours or so to properly set up and erect the tent in the open. One of the major issues that come with a traditional tent is the non-availability of any power source or way to store power that can light it in dark or give some power backup for the user. It is where the Kaleidoscope tent came into play and decided to use solar energy as the source of power and cells that could be charged with solar power could provide the light needed to brighten the tent. Click next to see the great features of this groundbreaking concept tent.

The Orange Solar Tent

Image Source: www.tuvie.com

2 Features of this unique tent

The tent has three photovoltaic cells that you can draw out like armor on armadillos in daytime for shade. These cells are then charged by solar energy which is stored in the cells. It also features screen windows for ventilation once you close it for the night and sleep. It also has mobile charging points inside the tent so that you can record all the activities that you enjoy during camping. It is also big enough to allow 4 people to sleep in comfortably. The tent is purely powered on natural resources and it is unbelievable that your won’t have to carry your battery backup in order to have some light in the tent or the camp and you can also charge your phones in the tent itself. Everything is controlled from a LCD touch screen inside the tent which also shows how much energy is used and how much energy is left for your use. Not only that, if the ground temperature lowers during the night, the tent will heat up the ground sheet to make your sleep even more comfortable. Unfortunately for people who are looking to buy these awesome tents, will have to wait as the tents are not being sold right now, but will be available soon in the market.


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