Thousands of Swedes Are Inserting Microchips in Their Hands and It Is Making Us Worried

The technological advancements have definitely made our lives a lot easier in comparison to the older times and we are pretty sure that the level of comfort will further increase in the future. Nowadays, we don’t need to carry huge amounts of cash or bulky wallets as we can make payments using our credit or debit cards and we also don’t need to visit crowded markets for shopping; now we can order products online. There are many other examples to prove that technology is changing our lives for better but what is happening in Sweden is quite revolutionary and unique.


1What is happening in Sweden?

In Sweden, people are getting chipped which means that they are fitting a chip inside their body and this chip will carry out the functions of the plastic cards (debit and credit), key cards, travel cards, etc. So in simple words, after getting this chip installed in their body, these people don’t need to carry cash or cards with them.

Wallet full of cards

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2How many have been chipped till now?

It is being said that around 4,000 people have implanted this chip in their body till now and the trend is further speeding up. The chip is surgically inserted in the hand, between the index finger and the thumb. This tiny microchip has all the important details about the identity of the person.

How many have been chipped till now

3The size and cost of implanting the chip

There is no doubt that this chip-implant procedure is the future of the world but as it will get more popular, we feel the cost of implanting the chip will come down. Presently, a person has to pay $180/ £140 for this procedure and this tiny chip is of the size of a rice grain.

Micro chip

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4The technology used

The technology used in the chip-implants is near field communication (NFC) which is a wireless technology; the same technology is used in contactless credit cards. The communication between two devices takes place with the help of magnetic induction when either they come in contact of each other or when they are few centimeters closer.

The technology used

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5Can other people see the chip in hand?

No, other people won’t be able to see chip in the person’s hand until and unless, the concerned person wants to show the chip. The chip is really tiny, it is just like a rice grain and it won’t be visible until the area in which it is fitted is pressed.

Can other people see the chip in hand


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