Sony patented lenses that can secretly record what you see

Have you ever seen something that was very awesome, but happened in a split second and you wished you had time to take out your phone and click a picture of it? Have you heard stories from your grandpa about Bigfoot or the Yeti that he saw while trekking in the Himalayas or in the forest and you wondered whether it really was the truth or not? People have always wanted to capture moments to remember them and sometimes the best moments happen only for a few seconds.

Now it may be possible to capture and record such moments as Sony has patented a design for a path breaking technology that would allow you to take a picture or record a short video with just a blink of your eye. Now you may have the technology to have evidence of the ghosts and Bigfoot sightings.

Read about the path breaking story about the contact lenses that can take pictures and record videos.

1 Contact lenses: when you don’t want to wear the spectacles

Contact lenses are a thin layer of lenses that can be put directly on the surface of the eyes. They are considered a replacement for the spectacles and are usually preferred against the specs because you don’t look dorky in contact lenses. Contact lenses are also worn for cosmetic or therapeutic reasons as well. If you plan to look like a cat or Dracula or want to have different colored eyes, you can try on various types of contacts. Most people wear contacts majorly for aesthetic purposes and prefer lenses to specs. Lenses provide better peripheral vision, when compared to specs and they don’t get dirty or moist like specs. Lenses also give the wearer the freedom to wear goggles, sunglasses without having to get them fixed according to prescriptions.

Contact lenses

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