15 Examples of Incredible Smart Clothes That Will Replace Our Regular Ones

11A wristband with a mirror

Now this is perfect for those into biking who need a rearview mirror. You can easily see what is taking place behind you if you are riding a bike that does not have rearview mirrors.

A wristband with a mirror

Image Source: www.kafepauza.mk

12Ice walkers

Ice walkers are perfect for winter hiking when you have to walk across the snow, frozen lakes or slippery roads. These are comfortable and have spikes that have excellent grip to prevent slipping.

Ice walkers

Image Source: tasteeshoes.com

13The welt

Here is another belt that is a smart belt which is called a welt. It is a belt integrated with technology that gives you health information and tracks how you are feeling during the day. It is great for tracking your health.

The welt

Image Source: gadgetsandwearables.com

14Lumo Run

This is made by mega-brand company Lumo. The smart shorts are great for jogging and come with sensors that can monitor several metrics like ground contact time, your pelvic rotations, stride length, and steps. It sends feedback to your headphones to improve your form.

Lumo Run

Image Source: www.wareable.com

15Smart Bikini

This smart Bikini made by fashion company Spinali comes equipped with a medallion sensor that tells you when you have been sitting in the sun for too long. You can enter your skin type in an app through your android which will monitor things like temperature through the day and warn you when you need to apply more sunscreen or move into the shade.

Smart Bikini

Image Source: www.wareable.com


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