15 Examples of Incredible Smart Clothes That Will Replace Our Regular Ones

6Elastic thigh bands

What do you do in summer when you like wearing short skirts and dresses but dislike stockings because it’s warm. How do you stop the friction between your thighs? This elastic thigh band is the perfect solution.

Elastic thigh bands

Image Source: amazon.com

7Nike Studio Wrap

If shoes aren’t your thing during your fitness or dancing sessions, then this Nike studio wrap is just for you. These are multi-use training shoes that protect your feet and also give it a degree of freedom. It maintains the function of shoes by keeping friction with the floor and comes with an open toe design. These are great for ballet, dancing, yoga, and gym.

Nike Studio Wrap

Image Source: wheretoget.it

8Men’s belt with a toolset

This belt is a godsend for those who like spending time in their shop building something. The belt is like a utility belt and will give you access to tools in emergencies when you don’t have any around. Two screwdrivers are concealed in the buckle and an Allen key too.

Men’s belt with a toolset

Image Source: fotojoin.ru


This is perfect for those who enjoy traveling. The hoodie will protect your eye from the harsh sun and you can also adjust your head at any time for maximum comfort even when you are sitting.


Image Source: www.kafepauza.mk

10Scarf with a secret pocket

Now how about that? This is an incredible thing for tourists especially women. You can hide important items like your passport and credit cards. The scarf with its concealed pocket is perfect.

Scarf with a secret pocket

Image Source: uduba.com


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