15 Examples of Incredible Smart Clothes That Will Replace Our Regular Ones

We like our clothes to be comfortable but at the same time, they should also be useful and have functionality too. Many designers today know that people with a fast-paced lifestyle prefer comfortable functioning clothes which are why they usually add a useful accessory to the garment. The best example of this is your pair of jeans which comes with a small little inner pocket within the larger pocket. It was meant for holding pocket watches. But today, it is even more creative like a pocket in a wristband or armband for holding your small mobile. Take a look at 12 cool examples of smart clothing.


1 The bra wallet

This is a neat wallet to keep your money in the safest place especially when going on longer trips. If you lose your main wallet or bag, at least you have the extra cash on you for the emergency.

The bra wallet

Image Source: uduba.com


2Buttons that can buckle a blouse

These are stylish buttons no doubt but they also come with their own functionality too. The buttons help you regulate the neckline depth of a dress or a blouse which comes in handy depending on the occasion. You can then wear the same style to both a party and work. The buttons also stop the garment from falling off your shoulders.

Buttons that can buckle a blouse

Image Source: www.kafepauza.mk

3Waist extenders

This is for jeans and trousers that will fit you well but you have a problem in the waist. This is a good solution where the same colored fabric remains invisible and makes you feel comfortable too.

Waist extenders

Image Source: www.kafepauza.mk


4Bra extender

Sometimes, even if your bra is a good fit, the girth ends up being too small and if you tighten it, this makes you uncomfortable. A bra extender can help you re-adjust the size so you can breathe comfortably.

Bra extender

Image Source: uduba.com

5Wristbands with a secret space

Those who like to run and jog every day but don’t like carrying too many things will be delighted to have something like this. The wristband allows you to carry cash, keys and small knick-knacks.

Wristbands with a secret space

Image Source: brightside.me


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