Six Clear Signs That Your Cellphone Has Been Hacked and How to Prevent It


Running parallel to the advancements of technology are those who have been using man’s progress to resort to crime. Today, robbing someone in the street isn’t as lucrative as hacking an account for hundreds or thousands of dollars, or just crashing a computer for the fun of it, crippling a countries digital network, bringing society to a standstill like the ransomware attack. With everything online including you through your cell phone, phone hacking is slowly rising as one of the most popular device to access for hackers worldwide.

1Reason for cellphone hacking

The main reason for cellphone hacking is as technology evolves to portability, more and more people have their accounts and wallets all on their mobile devices. This makes the cellphone a lucrative game for hacking.Contacts and social media accounts are available where such things hacked can be sold for data. Here are 6 signs your cellphone is hacked.

Reason for cellphone hacking

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2What makes your phone possess the potential to be hacked?

The easiest way for a hacker to mess with your phone is to manually install spy apps on it but that’s virtually impossible unless you have someone in your family or workplace resorting to such devious means for information. The second way is to use Wi-Fi networks that aren’t protected like open networks in public places. Open networks allow people around you to share and see your traffic.

What makes your phone possess the potential to be hacked

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3Charging with unknown USB

Charging your phone with USB cords other than your own can also give access to your phone. Plugging your phone into an unknown USB increases the risk of information being transferred from your phone to a different network.

Charging with unknown USB

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