15 Suspicious Signs That Your Computer Is Being Spied On

11How to avoid this problem

If you have a laptop that does not have a light beside the camera you can easily cover the camera. If you look online or on Amazon you will find ‘webcam covers’. These are tiny plastic covers that are placed on your laptop’s camera and can slide open when you want to use the camera. If you’re in a hurry you can just over it with a tiny strip of a post-it note.

How to avoid this problem

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12Your system is running too slowly

This is a clear sign of hacking. If your system is running way too slowly than normal then you might be under an attack. A system does take time to boot up but once it is fully active all programs should open and run fast. If you notice a lag in every program then you should stop what you’re doing and run your anti-virus software.

Your system is running too slowly

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13Unwanted toolbars in your browser

If you open up your browser and notice a new toolbar that you did not install, then you should uninstall your browser and reinstall it. This is a sign that someone has tampered with your system. Most people would just remove the toolbar but we advise to remove and reinstall the browser itself.

Unwanted toolbars in your browser

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14You start seeing too many pop-up ads

This is a clear sign that something has affected your system. You will start seeing a ton of pop-up ads the moment you open your browser and in some cases the moment you connect to the Internet. You will begin to see random pop-up ads even if you have an ad blocker extension installed in your browser.

You start seeing too many pop-up ads

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15Your fans are in hyperdrive

Your laptop or desktop has fans built-in to keep the system cool when you stress it out. These fans rotate at a steady speed and increase when the pressure on the system is increased. If you’re just browsing the web or typing and you hear your fans blast into overdrive, something fishy is going on in the background of your system that is stressing it out.

Your fans are in hyperdrive

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