Revolutionary – here are the first color-blind glasses

Good news for color blind people. They may be only steps away from getting the glasses that may improve their vision and help them see the world as it is. Human vision is based on cone cells—special light-sensitive nerve cells found in the eye. There are about six million cone cells in the eye that are divided into three types, which correspond to the three primary colors: red, green and blue. Color perception occurs by comparing the relative stimulation of the three types of cone cells. Red-green color blindness in caused by a genetic defect carried on the X-chromosome. The condition affects 1 in 12 males (8%) and 1 in 200 females (0.4%).

1 First impression

Oxy-Iso glasses were made for medical purposes, but incidentally, they turned out very helpful for colorblind people. They are purple and would of course give purple tone to everything around you, which may be a bit annoying if your vision is good. But with time the eyes can get used to them. The glasses are giving brighter tones, especially to the red color, which is getting a more orange tint. Greens get a bit darker, but they remain distinctly green.

First impression

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