Watch the moving Video of a blind man who sees his wife and son for the first time


As a person with disabilities, everyday life isn’t just a challenge for the individual but for the family as a whole. It is heart wrenching for a mother to watch her child struggle through life when afflicted with a handicap. It is no less painful for a wife to manage the disability of her husband. It takes a physical and mental toll on those helping their loved ones live and manage their disabilities. For the afflicted person, life is one big mental and physical challenge that can lead to even depression.

Gene Purdie of Denver Colorado for instance was afflicted with one of the worst conditions called Stargardt’s disease. It caused a continuing degeneration of his retina and is a rare condition. This blind man’s never seen wife or son but thanks to medical technology he has a chance to see them again. Watch the video at the end of this article for the amazing reaction.

1 Life was a huge challenge growing blind

For Gene Purdie, life was a huge challenge both emotionally and physically. Now while living without a limb can be manageable, losing one of your senses, especially sight can be harrowing for everybody. Gene was afflicted with Stargardts disease since he was a teenager. It caused his retina to deteriorate and blurred his vision.

However, Gene was a resilient young man who despite a disability led an active life. He even worked as an enthusiastic chef according to his wife Joy who supported Gene throughout their life together.

Gene Purdie with family

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2 Joys finds hope from an unusual source

One day Joy something amazing on television. As she watched the Rachel Ray Show, she saw that the host Rachel had made an offer to help a viewer with Starsgardt’s disease. There was even a demo given on the show of technology that helped restore a patient’s sight to almost normal levels. That filled Joy with huge hope.

watching the Rachel Ray Show

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3 She writes a passionate letter on behalf of gene

Joy wrote a long emotional letter to Ray on behalf of Gene. While writing the letter joy described her feelings saying that she “literally began shaking and crying for the next hour or more at the thought of my husband being able to see my face for the first time, to see our son for the first time.”

Joy wrote a long emotional letter to Ray

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4 The incredible device that restores blurred vision

Rachel Ray responded and asked gene Purdie along with Joy and their cute little one year old son Lincoln to appear on the show. The new technology that Rachel showcased on her show was a prosthetic eye device integrated with a HD camera that provides a customized image for the person wearing it.

device that restores blurred vision

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5 The incredible moment will move you to tears

As you can guess what happened next. The moment was an incredible one and will move any witness to tears. Watch how Gene puts on the device and though this blind man’s never seen wife or son, he does so now for the first time and it is truly magical. The video is an inspiring one for all as it also reflects the kindness of Gene to love his family even as he maintained hope to see them one day, an d see them he did.


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